Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wrapping up Summer

Well it has been just a hair short of forever since I lasted blogged and honestly I haven't really missed it. We started off the summer with a two year old girl just running park to park and wasting away the day at the zoo but that was short lived.

The weather is insanely hot for this I am sure I was meant to live FAR up North girl here and I started working. So here we are a just a few days before our summer officially ends ( we start back to school three days a week next week) and we haven't crossed off half of the things to do on our summer bucket list (thank goodness my child can't read), but that's ok!
We have had a wonderful Summer! We have spent quite a bit of our time at the splash pad, a little at the pool (VERY LITTLE), more time at the zoo, of course the mall and Target too (am I starting to rhyme?). We have park hopped, and play dated the summer almost to a close.
I am sad. I hate the heat but the freedom of summer makes me happy (yes even for a stay at home mom with a two/three year old). Summer is just a special time and even more so when you have the cutest little three year old to share it with!
But with summer coming to a close and me now having a three year old (TEARS) fall brings so many new possibilities  that I can not wait for. Not to mention that Fall is my all time most favorite favorite season EVER!!! Hello Pumpkin Lattes! Hello Pumpkin EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
Pumpkins, and Apples, and coffee (ok that's all year round here but still) and cider, leaves changing colors and falling to the ground so little three year old feet can find the crunchiest ones to step on. Fall family pictures and cool crisp breeze. Sweaters and boots. Blankets and ban fires. GIVE ME A SUPER KINDA OF HAPPY HEART! I adore Fall!

I am working for a wonderful church with some of the most sweetest women I have ever met! Taking this job, heck going and speeching with the director (my now boss) was a big step! I never wanted to go back to work. I wanted to stay at home with Eviee FOREVER LOL but she missed MDO so badly and I wanted to know the place and people I would be leaving my child with O and make some friends around these parts so naturally I took the job! And I am thankful I did! I am thankful I was given the chance. Not a lot of places would have given a stay at home mom of three plus years a job HA!
But I love my job! Children are just my passion and my calling and I could just eat every single one of them up! I miss Eviee SO MUCH during the day, heck I miss her right now while she is asleep but I enjoy what I do so much and I have a great co-teacher and group of women I get to work with and some really stinkin cute kiddos I got to meet last night! Eviee has a blast and can't wait to go back to school the next day! So it's a win win!  Summer is closing up quick but it's not done yet. The next few days we are going to try and mark a few more things off our bucket list!  I can't tell you that I will be back to blogging more but I'll be around.
And a flash back to our last two summers.....
July 14, 2011. I have no idea how hot is was outside that day all I know is I became a mommy that summer day!
2011 summer was spent with my feet up inside a COLD house for the first part of the summer and the last part I was living my dream!
Summer of 2012. Eviee was 11 months old here.
Happy 1st Birthday Eviee!
2013 Happy 2nd Birthday Eviee! (psst this is her wee wee dog she always talks about)
Starting MDO at our beloved church back home!

Monday, June 16, 2014

New Chapter

It's 4 in the morning and I have been wide awake since 2! Eviee woke up and ever since I just have been unable to sleep. Do you ever have those mornings? I have them all the often but for the most part my body is used to it and it doesn't bother me like this morning. I have gotten so much done already and most people are still dreaming away.
I finally crawled out of bed at 345 when I realized I was indeed not going back to bed. I went and made coffee of course and breakfast because oddly enough I felt like I was striving! Then sat down and did my morning devotional. I don't know about you but the days I wake up and put God first, my day is so much better. I feel like I have more balance. I love those kinds of days. And today I need that. I start a new journey in my life today. A new chapter. A new chapter for myself but also a new chapter for Eviee. I am going back to work today.
We have been looking for a Mothers Day Out program for Eviee to attend in the fall once or twice a week and it just happened that the center we had decided on was looking for a few more hands. I am excited. I am excited for a change. I am excited for Eviee and myself to make new friends. I am excited to see where The Lord takes this new chapter of our life.
But with the excitement I also have a little mama worry going on. I am worried about Eviee. Not for normal reasons. I trust that she will be safe. I know that she will be happy. She can not wait to go and play with all of her "friends". I know she will eat her lunch. I know that she will take a nap. I know that she will be sweet to everyone. I know that her teachers are going to love her. While I know all of this the only thing ok two things I worry about is one even though I know she is going to have a blast I worry that she is going to think that I just "left" her. She and I will be apart for six hours twice a week during the summer and then three days a week during the school year. She has not been away from me for more then a few hours spread out over the course of 7 months. So I worry. And I worry about me. Even though I will be working I will miss seeing that silly little girl. I will miss watching her discover new things. I will miss watching her dance. I will miss listening to her sing. I will miss kissing those little cheeks. I will miss telling her "Mommy loves you Eviee" any chance I get and hearing the sweetest little voice say "I luv you too mama". (now I am tearing up)
But during all those "I will miss" and I am still very excited! God is so good. He choose this chapter of our lives and I will see what he has planned.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sweet Summertime

We woke up early this morning headed down to Cherry Street for the farmers market. I love the farmers market. I love looking at all the fresh produce and seeing all different types of people walking around.  And I love taking my All'asta Market bag with me!!!!!! ;)
Before we moved back to the Tulsa Area my sister and I used to always go to the one back home and I would buy most of my produce from there but now I end up going to the store on Friday forgetting all about the farmers market until late that night so this is what I buy... Eggs and Soap!
After the farmers market we decided to head to the mall. I received a Bath and Body Works gift card for my birthday from a sweet friend. I haven't been there in FOREVER!!! Eviee and I were in there for a least an hour smelling all the goodies.
And of course Eviee had to play on the toys.
We came home and grabbed some lunch and took a nap! Eviee and I both napped for a couple of hours!!! Day one of fruits and veggies...
After that we went to the park.  
We had a great time! Eviee loved "exploring" and picking up all the "nuts". Swinging with Daddy was icing on the cake!!!!
And we finished up the evening with dinner and a strawberry Popsicle!
Hope your Saturday was wonderful!

Five for Friday!

  1. This little thing will run away from me, hide her head, or just flat out throw a little fit if I ask her to take a picture! I mean it is insane! But the last couple of days she has been asking me to take her picture and I am loving it!
  2. So in my last post I talked about how Eviee does not sleep anymore.... Well last night we made a late run to the store. We let her run all over it and I do mean run! We came home already pasted her bedtime and made a bowl of oatmeal. (hints the late night run to the store) She is always waking me up telling me she is hungry. I got to talking with a friend the other day who's son also does the same and she said oatmeal right before bed LIKE RIGHT BEFORE will keep him asleep ALL NIGHT! While I have thought about this and tried it before along with other things to keep her full we decided to let her pick out which oatmeal she wanted. We came home and she ate just about every bit. And even better... she slept until 4am! Then at that point I just brought her to my bed cause daddy was already up and getting ready for work. So I would say that is a score! Yes you read right 4am wake up time is a score!!! Now tonight is a different story. She did not want her dinner, or oatmeal and has tossed and turned so much tonight (1:45am right now) that I can not sleep. WHATEVER!!! This time will be gone before I know it and I WILL miss getting up all hours of the night. RIGHT???? This picture was taken last night before we headed to the store.
  3. Eviee and I spent a few hours today looking around town for birthday decor. Any idea where I was or what theme we are doing?

    I really wanted to do a "Sweet Summer Time" theme with watermelons and what not but Sean didn't care for it and I just couldn't find any cute decor to go with it so I changed my mind. This was the invitation for the summer time party. I thought it was so cute!!!!
  4. Today was National Donut Day! I bet it made A LOT of cops happy? You think? Is that mean??? HAHA Anyways maybe my husband should be a cop cause he LOVES donuts! And not just any donuts Krispy Kreme donuts! They always give you a free one hot out of the oil (it really doesn't sound good when you put it like that does it???) but today you got to pick whatever one you wanted and he wasn't going to miss that.. and I didn't say no ;) Having donuts or anything close to it is a BIG treat in our house. We just do not let Eviee eat things like that and when we do give in and let her have something sweet she usually won't eat it but a donut..... She's her daddy's daughter! And I kinda adore this picture!!!!
  5. So there you go. We had our donut yesterday and today Saturday marks mine and Seans two day challenge. For the next two days he and I are ONLY eating RAW fruits and veggies!!!! Wish Sean lots of luck. Thankfully I love them I just happen to love a lot of the bad food too HAHA but Sean he would much rather have a super sweet ice tea and a hamburger! But summer is here and I love all the fresh choices. Eviee's birthday is coming up soon and we are having family pictures done and I want to loose a few pounds at least! Wish us luck!!! And for the record our fruit bowl always looks like that! That thing weighs a ton!!!! 
    Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. We are headed to the farmers market in the morning and then on too either the Zoo or hiking!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Well here it is again. It's been two months since I wrote in on this little slice of my world. I love blogging. I love reading blogs. But what I love more is spending time with the ones I love like this little two year old that keeps me so busy during the day that I don't have time to blog. But I am up late tonight and having been spending to much time thinking about this blog and how I need to catch it up here I am, after all this is my little journal. My hopes that one day when I am old and can't remember anything that I can go back to this and have all the memories come rushing back. I want to have this blog so that one day Eviee can look back on her life. So without waiting any longer I thought I would post a Ten for Thursday. (I know it isn't catchy but whatever)

  1. Easter came and Easter went. The picture above was actually from Easter Sunday. I had clothing to mail out  for my boutique (super late getting it out because I had been so sick), so I got Eviee all dressed up NOT IN HER EASTER DRESS (which BTW STILL HAS NOT BEEN WORN) (THOSE WERE HER EASTER SHOES THOUGH) and we went to the mailing center at a local store and came right back home. No church, no Easter Lunches with family, nothing! Eviee got her Easter basket from us (we do not do the "Easter bunny" at our house) and we spent 99% of the day watching movies. The picture below was a few days before Easter. Eviee was in love with dying those eggs but just could not accept eating a cold egg! HAHA!
  2. Mother's Day. Not a very big day around our house. I mean I ABSOULTY LOVE BEING A MOMMY but I celebrate it everyday and we now live a few hours from our momma's and this year we were just unable to make it down there to see them. But my wonderful sweet baby girl with the help of the husband of course got me this beautiful Mother's Necklace. It is Rose Gold which I am completely in love with right now and it has a "E" monogrammed on it! So pretty! I love it so much! This picture is not the greatest and does not do it justice!!!
  3. We have been spending our days at the parks, splash pads, and the zoo. Summertime is here and I love it! Eviee doesn't mind it too much either ;)
  4. We/I am having baby fever BAD!!! And it doesn't help when you get to hold and love on little things like this.... Little Lane is as sweet as could be. Makes me have flash backs of when Eviee was born.
  5. Our town had what they call "Rooster Days". Basically like a fair just smaller. We took Eviee to it and she decided she wanted to ride the "allens" . So we did! And she loved it! I do not know where she gets that from cause Sean nor I like riding rides. Like NOT AT ALL! Picture is blurry but I think you get the idea.
  6.  I just celebrated my 27th birthday! And I must say it wasn't too bad. Those who know me well know that I do not like my birthday. At 22 I was crying but this year it wasn't so bad. This year was actually grand! My sweet husband came home from work early with some sweet goodies and my dad, sister and her kids came up to visit. So all in all it was a great day spent with the ones I love most!
  7. This man of mine.... We are getting close to celebrating our 7th year together and in December we will celebrate our 5th Wedding anniversary!!!! I love this man even more today!!!
  8. This little lady is fixing to turn 3!!!! 3!!!! I can not Thank God or Sean enough for this angel baby of mine. She is my dream come true! My most perfect little thing. This best thing I ever did. I can not believe she is closer to 3 then she is to 2! She has been potty trained for almost a full year now. She speaks on a level of a four year old. She is so smart it blows me away. She is super funny. And completely sassy. The most sweetest thing. She looks just like her daddy but acts just like her momma which I know puts a big ol smile on my mommas face. She knows what is coming to me down the road. (payback sucks LOL). Eviee is my sunshine!
  9. Speaking of 3. I have no idea what to get her for her birthday?!?!?!?!?!?! Is she really going to be 3?????????????????
  10. Naps! Bedtime! NIGHTMARE FOR THIS MOMMA! She doesn't sleep anymore! Like almost never. I don't know what the deal is. We don't let her have sugar or anything like that, but she just seems like she is never tried anymore. Nap time is better then bedtime but still not great and no if I keep her up during the day it does not mean she will sleep at night. Tried it... doesn't work. But she did manage to fall asleep in the car today. I guess I might just have to hire someone to drive her around at night??? HAHA if only!
  11. I know I said 10 but I had to add this. We have been back in the Tulsa area for six months! It doesn't seem like that long but at the same time it feels like we never left. I truly love it up here and the people are amazing. I have made some of the best friends a girl could ask for the last time I lived here and this times seems to be the same. God has brought some amazing women into my life since being back and he is opening doors for me that I never thought he would but at the same time he is closing some I didn't think I wanted closed. Our life has been laid out for us and I can not wait to see what it looks like. Life is so good! God is SO GOOD!