Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This time of year

Trees changing color, Pumpkin EVERYTHING, Apple Cider, Hay rides, Campfires, Sweaters, actually needing a sleeping bag when you go camping these are just some of the many things I love about this time of the year. Could you imagine how beautiful it would be looking off of a mountain somewhere. Or being up in a air plane looking down into all of the trees. BEAUTIFUL!

Anyways I love this time of year it is my favorite and if I had it my way it would never change. You don't have to mow your grass or de-weed your garden all you have to do is clean up the leaves and then JUMP into the pile! :) That's my favorite memory from when I was a kid. We had three really big trees in our front yard and my dad would give all four of us a rack and tell us to make the piles as big as we could get them, then..... JUMP IN! Sure the leaves were now all over again but man it was fun! I miss being a kid. People would look at me funny if I was to start jumping in a pile of leaves by myself at 23 years old (lol) but hey I do have my step kids this weekend nobody would think anything of it if there were kids doing it too. They would just think look at that mom playing with her kids, hum that's an idea!

Well I'm gonna take advantage of this beautiful weather and go up to my moms house and sit outside for awhile!


Chicken Crescent Roll ups, Corn, and a big colorful Salad!
Have a great night everybody!


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