Monday, November 8, 2010

Yet another day :)

Well we made it through Monday give yourselves a pat on the back! How did my day go humm lets see.... i got up at 3:30am and made it to work at 6:00am. That's the part that SUCKS!!! I would so much rather sleep in then get up that dang early but I guess someone has got to do it.

 I work in daycare which I LOVE!!! Children to me have always been that thing in my life that makes living worth all the crap I have to put up with, it always has. I remember when my mom left my dad and moved us to an apartment, I was the APARTMENT BABYSITTER!!! While I was taking care of those babies I never seemed to remember that my parents were no longer together that I never saw my father or that my mother was gone working three jobs to take care of my siblings and I. All I knew is that my heart felt happy. Its still like that to this day children make me happy. I have eight niece's and nephew's and I have three step-children and I work in the infant room with six babies. I LOVE CHILDREN!

Anyways back on subject.... my day went great! Got to work at 6am and got off at 11:45am. I did a little thrift shopping and found some great things to re-do for Christmas presents :). Then came home and found NO ONE HERE!!! I love it when that happens! Don't get me wrong I love my family but the feeling I get when I walk into my house and no one is home ahhhhh it makes me all warm inside :).

So then i decided I was going to try this blogging thing out. Ive never been much of a blogger but my bff is and she is always telling me about theses blogs she reads and how she decided to start writing a blog on her daily life and one day print it out and I thought "that is a great idea" so here I am, how am I doing so far?

Today's blog is going to end with whats for dinner.

Tonight for dinner we are going to be having.... Lemon Rosemary Chicken, Mashed Potatoes,Steamed Green Beans,and Steamed Carrots YUMMY!!!! Hope everybody has a wonderful Monday night I'm excited for my next blog hope I didn't bore you to much. ;)