Saturday, January 29, 2011

My pregnancy so far

So the last blog I posted was "I'M PREGNANT"!!!!

Sorry I haven't written anything in awhile I have just been to busy and my mind doesn't stop for one second anymore but here's what's been going on...

In December we had our first doctors appointment and ultrasound done! The ultrasound was absolutely the most amazing thing I have ever seen!!!! The moment I saw my baby on that screen I feel head over heels in love! It amazes me how one can be madly in love with someone the have never met, but I am.

When I first found out I was pregnant I started daydreaming about how I thought this pregnancy was going to go. Here's what I thought... 

First of all I just knew that I was NOT going to have morning sickness!!!! Not me, I was going to be one of those woman who never got sick one who all the other pregnant women envied! Second I was going to have more energy then I did before i became pregnant. Basically I was just going to feel great all the time never feel sick or down... WRONG!!!!!!

I have had what I would like to call the worst morning sickness EVER! Now I know that every woman who has it bad thinks theirs is the worst but really I think Ive had it worst then anybody! Mine is definitely morning sickness. First thing I do in the morning is go talk with the toilet and then right after I eat breakfast, after I brush my teeth, and then again when I get to work. So that's four times before 6:00a.m. Then I have afternoon sickness usually about 3 in the afternoon and then again around 5. Then I have evening sickness. Every night for the past six weeks I get sick within five minutes of eating dinner, well that is if I'm eating at home. Why is this??? I wonder about it. If we eat out or at someone Else's house I wont get sick until about 8 or so but at home within 5 minutes! O yea and right before bed again. LOL Anyways I'm sure you just wanted to know all about my throwing up, but hey its part of pregnancy right.

The energy has come back to me in the last couple of weeks but the first couple of weeks was AWFUL! I lived in my bed. And when I wasn't in it I swear I looked like the walking dead. But like I said its come back to me.

Anyways we are 16 weeks along now and will find out what we are having in March and we can not wait!!! Sean wants a boy so bad and me I don't care either way. I just am praying for a healthy baby.

Right now we are just working to pay off all of our debt so that I can stay home when the baby comes, looking for a new place to live and of course planning for this baby. Life right now is great! I am truly blessed.

Tonight for dinner....

A big Chicken Salad sounds great!

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