Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eviee Update

Eviee... She is my dream come true as I have said before. Being a mommy is the only thing I have always known I wanted out of life. She is an absolute miracle! It still amazes me that I made her. That I brought this little person into this world. That she was growing inside me.

I have really surprised myself with her. I thought after years and years of taking care of babies that I was going to be one of those moms that doesn't worry about the little things... Washing hands before holding the baby, keeping mental notes on when she ate, pooped, and peed. Saying to myself "Has it been to long since she had a wet diaper" or "OMG she has gone four hours without eating".You know all those little things that yes they matter but I MYSELF didn't not think I would worry that much about. I was the type of person that always said "Don't wake a sleeping baby, when they get hungry they will wake up" or "It's OK if they haven't peed in three hours sometimes babies hold it like we do" but I am the exact opposite with her. She is my little angel and I am so worried that something is going to happen to her. My mom tells me all the time that if I don't calm down and just enjoy her the next thing I know she is going to be having kids of her own and I will have spent all that time worrying. But I cant help it.

 A year before we conceived Eviee I suffered a miscarriage and I still have so much pain for it that I just keep thinking she is too good to be true and something is going to happen to her. I know this is not the way to think but I think the only way you could really understand is have lost a child too. It's always in the back of your mind that something is going to happen. Eviee is a  healthy baby but she has a lactose problem which I know isn't that big of a deal but when its your baby... and she chocks alot when she is eating... but the big problem we have with her is that when she is asleep she stops breathing!!!! If you have a child who has the same problem you understand that we are a mess when she is sleeping. We have a monitor in her bed that will alarm us if she has stopped breathing and let me tell you when that thing goes off it is the worst nightmare you have ever had. My heart just drops! Now so far all it takes is for us to wiggle her a little or sometimes we have to blow in her face and then she remembers that she has to breath but I'm so scared that "what happens if it doesn't work this time" it's awful to have to worry about this.  I do not want her to grow up too fast but at the same time I will be so glad when we are past this. Thank God for The Angel Care Monitor!!!!!

But on a much lighter note Eviee is such a joy to be around. She is a very happy baby. She only cries when she is ready to eat or really tried. And speeching of being tired... She is the worst at fighting her sleep. I have never known a two month old baby to fight their sleep as much as she does. This I'm sure will be tons of fun later down the road. LOL

We love having our little girl, she is the light in our eyes! She is smiling all the time now. O how it just melts my heart when she smiles at me. Any day now she is going to start laughing and we can not wait.

She has finally started to out grow some of her newborn clothes. :( not so sure if I am happy about this or not LOL.

Sean's idea of giving Eviee a bath is for one of us to take a shower with her. I totally freaked out when he mentioned this but you know what SHE LOVED IT!!!! She is so a water baby! I'm sure a lot of people would not agree with showering with a two month old but the way I see it is, she is little, she likes it, it saves time and water LOL and it works for us. The one thing I have found out since I had Eviee is that you just have to do what works for you and your family and not worry about what everybody says. I'll even add to this just because.... I nursed her in the shower last night! HA! I'm sure you just wanted to know that but she was ready to eat and mommy was in the shower so she ate dinner and got a shower too ;) (don't judge until you've walked in my shoes, or your a mommy with a hungry baby)

Eviee is not much of a day sleeper. Sean thinks it's because she can sense that we are not sleeping so why should she??? LOL She sleeps for maybe two hours at the most all day but that makes for a sleeping baby most of the night, usually about four to five hours at a time.

Some exciting events coming up for Eviee are .... we are taking her on her first Vacation, Halloween,Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas!!! I am so excited to be able to share all of this with Eviee. I couldn't imagine life without her.

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