Monday, October 3, 2011

My Journey

OK so Thursday I went and saw my Lap Band Doctor. I got GREAT news! My insurance is going to cover the surgery 100%!!! How amazing is that, gotta love haveing two insurance's. Anyways they will cover all of it but their are some things they require first....

You must have a BMI of 30 or above (Mines 46.6)
You must have at least six months of dieting under the care of a professional such as an MD, Weight Watchers,etc.... (Weight Watchers for me)
And the last one which sucks so freaking bad... Psych evaluation.

The reason for the BMI is well basically they want to make sure your fat enough LOL no really that's what it is. You have to be so much over weight.

The six months of dieting under a professional is because they want to make sure that you have tried other methods before and that you are not using this as a easy way out.

And the evaluation well when The Lap Band came out that was the requirement for everybody. Now it just depends on your insurance. And mine while they are paying 100% they still suck! They want to make sure that you are committed to changing as The Lap Band is a tool to teach you. I just hope they don't discover that I'm really an insane crazy person!!!! ;) LOL if they do discover this I WILL give them the names of the men that made me this way LMAO!!!!!

So October 26 I will have the scope done (NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS). I have had this done some many times its insane.
And October 31 I go for my evaluation (Pray for me)

O yea and my doctor wants me to loose 14lbs before he will do it. This is because when you loose weight your liver shrinks and is supposed to make it easier on your body during suregrey. So Once I loose the 14lbs and the doctor gets all of my results back on everything then I will have my surgery.

Im going to do my best and loose the weight by the end of the month so that I can have it done before Thanksgiving. That is my goal the only problem is .... I'm going on Vacation the 19th of October. Hummm

I am so excited and can not wait to change my life. I am excited for all of the changes that will come with having this done. It truely will give me a whole new life.

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