Monday, October 31, 2011

My Journey

Well last Wednesday I went had the scope ran. Every went ok I guess well ok meaning I didn't die!!! LOL (NO SERIOUSLY I WAS WORRIED) Anyways the did however discover the I have a hyrnina. I had no idea. I never had any pain but anyways my Doctor said it was nothing to worry about and that he can fix it when he goes in to place "The Band".

So as of my last post I said I lost 7 lbs well according to their scale I had only lost 4! ERRR damn Doctor scales they freaking suck!!!!  After talking with my Doctor he has decided to go ahead and let me get The Band put on after I have lost 7 lbs. So as of today this morning on my scale... I've got 1 1/2 to go.

Time is counting down and I am starting to get really excited! I'm ready for the new me.

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