Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2 Months old

Lets see...

Thursday Eviee will be 12 weeks! Which means next Friday she will be 3 months!!!! Where has the time gone???

She is getting so big. She weighs 11 1/2 lbs and is 22 inch's long. She has finally just this last week out grown her newborn clothes. :(  Which by the way I really need to go take those clothes out of her closet. Maybe one day HA!!! Not sure that im ready to remove the Little Bitty Clothes yet. This could be the one and only time I ever have newborn clothes in my house so maybe they will stay for a while, the child does have two closets so its not like were missing the space.... hummm well see. :)


 She is smiling ALL THE TIME! And "talking" oh my goodness she has the sweetest little voice. This morning she sat on her daddy's lap just "talking away" it was the cutest thing. Definitely a camcorder moment ;) I expect she will be "giggling" any day now and I can not wait!!!!

She is starting to really recognize mommy's and daddy's voice. This morning I was in the kitchen getting coffee and I said something to Sean and man she turned her head looking for me. LOVE IT!!!!

Not sure if I have blogged about this before or not but Eviee started out strictly on breast milk but we noticed that she was pooping non-stop. Seriously like 18 times in one day. And had really bad gas and was getting dehydrated. Being as I had to be on soy milk as a baby I decided that we would try it for a week and see if things got better. And they did. But being the person I am, and knowing that the  breast milk is so much better for her I decided to try half and half for a couple of days. She did fine on that. So after a couple of days of this I decided to try nursing her all day and see what happens (I hated giving her formula and wanted to make sure that the breast milk was really the problem and not just some bug or something before we make formula a must) well same result! She pooped all day and had really bad gas and just didn't seem so well. So back to half and half. (Well we would do either half and half or I would nurse her one feeding and then five her a formula bottle the next feeding) During this time I couldn't help but feel so bad that I was giving her formula. Really like I would cry about it. I wanted what was best for my baby and had made up my mind before she got her that we would do breast milk and breast milk only so long as my body would make it. One day I decided to call and talk with her Doctor about this and he said it sounded to him like she was Lactose and Tolerate. He suggest that since she seemed to do fine on half and half to continue to with it. That any breast milk is better then none. But he also suggest that they every couple of weeks I should try and nurse her for the day and see if it's not just maybe her "GUT" hasn't developed enough. So about three weeks ago I did. I nursed her for days and she had no problems AT ALL!!!! YAY!!! (We did however give her two-four formula bottles a day just to make sure she wouldn't get dehydrated or anything) I guess it was her "GUT" and not a lactose problem. Thank goodness.

The only problem is that now my milk seems to be trying to dry up! Ladies do not listen to everything you read or everything people tell you. Just because you are nursing often and or pumping doesn't mean that your body will continue to make milk!!! Ive been breastfeeding for almost 3 months now and Eviee is almost off formula all together which means she is now nursing a lot more and my milk is now trying to go away. I have heard this happening to a lot of women. I heard of a lady who's milk went away after strictly nursing for 7 months!!!! Anyways so now I am nursing Eviee every time she seems hungry (usually about every three hours) but am having to top off with formula bottles again because she is not getting enough breast milk. I am also pumping in between her feedings. I am taking a natural supplement that is suppose to help with your milk supply too.I am doing everything you are supposed to do and yet I havent seen any good results. My milk doesnt seem to be "growing".  I am praying that my milk does not go away and that I can produce enough milk to take Eviee off formula altogether. Now that I know she can handle it breast feeding is what I really want to do. We are going to Texas the 19th and I would love nothing more then to go without bottles and without formula!!!! Pray for me please LOL

On another note Eviee got really bad sick this week. We had X-rays done and everything. Turns out it was just a really bad cold. Thank goodness! But my poor baby she has been running a fever for days now off and on and her little nose is running like crazy and she is coughing alot. Being that she is only two months old I did not think they would give her any meds but our wonderful doctor did!!! We love him!!! It does seem to be helping her. Hopefully we can get her all better by Texas time!!!! I also started her on Aloe Vera Juice which is great for allergies and sinus problems (along with alot of other benifits). It truely does work wonders and im hopeing after she gets over all this junk that the aloe juice and breast milk will keep her healthy!  Ha speeching of Aloe juice in the mornings Ive been makeing her what I like to call "Power bottles" lol its three once's of breast milk and one once of aloe juice. LOL.

Halloween is coming up and everybody keeps asking me what Eviee is going to be...well I cant make up my mind so when I decide I will let you know!

O yea, more pictures to come. We go Friday to get her 12 week pictures!!! I'm so excited!!!!

OK well I think had more to say but I've been kinda rambling on so well stop here. Have a great day!!!

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