Saturday, October 15, 2011

Whats going on

Just some random things that have been going on...

Still deciding on The Lap Band....

Leaving for Texas in a few days and I can not wait! It has been forever since I went on Vacation and this will not only make Eviee's first, but it will also make the first for Sean and I together. We have been on little road trips but not an actual Vacation. Some places we are going while we're in Texas are...

The Beach in Galveston
Moody Gardens in Galveston (It's three glass pyramids each with it's own theme).
Baybrook Mall in Houston (THREE STORY MALL!!!!) (This is will be my highlight I'm sure LOL)
The Galleria Mall in Houston (Another hugh mall)

And Sean is going to take me and show me where he grew up. Come on Wednesday!!!

Eviee's hair is also turning red!!! Or at least it's red in some lighting like mine but it sure is cute!!!!!

Eviee laughed out loud this past week for the first time while she was awake!!! She has laughed a few times while she was sleeping but not while awake. I was putting her in her car seat and said something to her her and she just started giggling. Then Wed. night Sean was helping his mom cover her pool and she thought that was the funnest thing she had ever seen!!!! She laughed FOREVER!!!! Yes I did get it recorded! LOL

Eviee also has learned to roll her self over. She has only done it once and no mommy didn't get to see it :(
She was laying down for a nap (on her back) and when she woke up Sean went in there to get her and came back asking if I had laid her on her belly, (sigh) I wish I could have seen it but it'll happen again and mommy will be ready with the camcorder!!!

My milk supply is back up. Unfortunately I had to get help with some meds from my OB but it is important to me to be able to breastfeed her and thanks to the meds she is now down to one formula bottle a day!!!!

Anyways our life is pretty clam right now THANK GOODNESS so this is all! :)

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