Friday, November 25, 2011

4 months old


Eviee had her four month check up which meant she got some shots. :( Let me just say that before she was born I was anti-shots and still am for the most part but thanks to a certain nurse who made me feel like a horrible mother Eviee ended up getting more shots then I had ever intended on her getting. I felt so bad. I am her mother and a damn good one at that and I should not have let that lady talk me into something I didn't want to do. Ughhhhh Anyways we are done with them as I will not let anybody talk me into to doing them again. (don't judge me until you have read and studied everything I have and seen the effects of shots first hand)

The Doctor said Eviee is Perfect which of course we already knew. :) She weighs 13 lbs and 12 oz according to their scale (a little less then ours). And is 22 and 3/4 inchs long.

 She is getting cuter by the day.

She smiles ALL the time and is giggling ALOT!!! The other day Sean was in the bedroom holding her and all I did was walk into the room and she started giggling (guess mommy is funny looking LOL).

She is grabbing everything with her little hands. We went shopping the other day and I found this stuffed puppy that I was trying to show Sean well Eviee grabbed it out of my hand and started eating it up (yes we bought it) she loves that puppy. She will just talk to that puppy all day and just "love" all over it. SO CUTE!!!!

We still have not started baby food or cereal. She still doesn't eat a whole lot but The Doctor said her weight is perfect so he isn't worried nor are we. Some babies just don't eat or in Eviee's case drink a lot but we are still gonna wait until she is a little bigger. I did however give her a few bites of sweet potato the other night and she LOVED it!!! But like I said we gonna wait a little longer.

She loves her feet!

Eviee is pretty much sleeping through the night (which she has been for awhile now) she will go to bed anywhere between 8pm and 10pm and sleep until 5am or 6am.

Eviee thinks her big brother Logan is the awesome.

She is still on both breast milk and formula.

She is just the sweetest baby ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. This was the first year I actually had Thanksgiving at my house. And I have to say that it was pretty nice not having to go place to place. We did go see my momma who was cooking for the rest of the family but its my momma so.... :)

Christmas is right around the corner well actually a month away today. CRAZY and I am not ready for it.

Sean and I will celebrate our second Wedding anniversary!!! We have been together four years total and it gets better everyday! He truly is my soul mate. I love him with all of my heart.

Hope everyone had a wondrful Thanksgiving!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Journey

Well let me start by saying that I haven't been trying to hard to loose weight as I said in my last post. I cant drop too much or else I will not be able to get The Band. With that being said I finally got on the scale and I have lost a total of 7lbs. This isn't as great as I had hoped but it is what my Doctor wanted so....

All that I have left to do is just wait for the insurance company to approve and them I'm all set to go.

Praying this will happen before Christmas....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

3 Months old

Weighing in at 14 lbs, smiling like crazy, talking up a storm, rolling from front to back and yes this sweet little 3 1/2 month old is sitting up!!!!!

My little girl is getting so big. I still can not believe how fast she is growing. It truly does make me sad. I am with her every single day, all day and yet I feel like I am going to miss something. Time needs to slow down a bit.

Eviee is fixing to be 4 months old, and so that brings on the big "BABY FOOD" question. When will we start feeding Eviee baby food. Well that answer is.... When I feel like she is ready for it. I have worked in daycare for years and have taken care of many babies over my life time and I don't think that just because she is 4 months old that it means she should be eating baby food. A baby 6 months and under should get almost all of their nutreients from breast milk and or formula and right now we are still doing both. Eviee will either nurse for 30 mins or she will have a 4 oz bottle and she is good for 3 hours. So I really just don't feel like we need to throw food in their just yet!

When the time comes Sean and I have decided that we want Eviee to eat organic. We ourselves eat as much as possible and hope to go 100 % one day but its kinda hard living where we do. But it will be super easy to feed Eviee all organic. We also would like to make her food as much as we can and I am happy to say that I have gotten started on this. Considering now is the best time for (most) fruits and veggies I bought some organic apples. I have peeled and frozen them so they are ready to be made into baby food when the time comes!!!!

I have too say that I have always been one of those girls who had their hair and makeup done no matter what but when you become a stay at home mom why???? I mean really. I just love those moms who get up in the morning and actually "put themselves together" with no place to go, but sadly I am not one of those moms. Or at least right now I'm not. I would much rather lay in bed cuddling with my baby or laying on the floor playing and talking to her then to leave her all alone while I "get ready". I'm not saying that I don't ever put makeup on or do my hair, I do when I have somewhere to go but to just stay at home NO! So you will see lots and lots of pictures where I don't look so great but guess what I'm the happiest I have ever been and that's all that matters to me. I have a beautiful baby and a wonderful husband who loves me no matter what.
Eviee is just the happiest baby. Every morning she wakes up with a smile on her face and let me just tell you, it melts my heart!!! That is the sweetest smile I have ever seen. And what makes that smile even better is when she just laying on the floor or whatever and she see's you and smiles OMG amazing!!!! I love this little girl so very much!
Halloween just passed, we didn't do much just had some family come over and passed out candy to all the kiddos. I have to admit that Halloween just isn't one of my fave holidays so honestly I didn't really give a whole lot of thought to what Eviee was going to be. I did come up with a few things but they always fell through for one reason or another (size or money or something) so I just decided that she would be a butterfly THE DAY OF Halloween!!! Ha my sister and I were at the mall and saw a little girl about Eviee's age that was dressed up like a butterfly and it was the cutest thing so that's what we went for.
And too bed she goes still dressed for Halloween! HA! I did take the bow off before. But a girls gotta have her bows on most of the time. LOL
I am enjoying being a mommy so much and am looking forward to all the new things she will be doing. She is the love of my life and I am so blessed to have her.

My Journey

I know this is a day late but when you have a baby things just are not always on time. :)

I cant seem to make myself get on the scale so I cant update you on my progress or lack of but I have made a promise to myself that I will get on it Monday morning so I will update then.

I did however go have the one on one meeting with the psychologist yesterday afternoon to discuss my test results. Good news I'm not crazy LOL!!!! I pass the test so now I am just simply waiting on the Doctors office to call me with a surgery date!!! I'm starting to get really excited about it. I'm sure come the day of I will be more scared then happy but today I'M HAPPY!!!

Some of you may be wondering why I'm not trying harder to loose weight right now well the thing is that my insurance requires you to have a BMI of 40 or higher. I am at a 46 or at least I was the last time I weigh in. My Doctor told me at first to loose 14 lbs before he would do it and then the day of my scope he told me to only loose 7 lbs. If I were to loose 15 lbs then my BMI would be a 39 and my insurance would no longer cover me. So it is important for me to loose weight yes but I have to be careful at this point in time not to loose to much.

Until next Monday....