Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Five Months

Well our little Princess is five months old! WOW where does the time go????

So lets see...

Five months old weighting in at 15 lbs this little beauty is so awesome! LOL

She makes everything better. No matter what has happened all I have to do is look at that sweet little face and instantly everything is all better.

Eviee is 97% breastfeed and 3% formula feed. YAY!!! Almost completely done with formula.

We still have not started baby food. We will start some cereal "lightly" next month but will not start baby food until she is 7 months old.

She has taken a turn for the worst with sleeping... She has always been a great sleeper but this last month she will go to bed at 930-1000 and will wake up at 100am wanting to nurse off and on for THE REST OF THE NIGHT! So needless to say mommy isn't getting much sleep anymore but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

With that being said we have started this week trying to get Eviee on a schedule at night and I have to say even though it has only been three days it is going great. Since we are breastfeeding we feed on demand and naps during the day aren't that big of a deal to schedule considering I stay home with her so we are just trying to get night time in order.

Eviee is still a little wobbly when it comes to sitting up but for the most part she has it down.

She grabs everything!!!!

She recently started crawling backwards and just this morning went forward!!! Proud momma moment!!!!

She loves to be outside!!!

She loves dogs!

She got this glow worm from my sister for Christmas and she LOVES IT! I definitely think it is her favorite toy.

I think she is 90% mamma's girl.

But she sure loves her daddy. Those little eyes just light up when she sees him.

My mother has watched her twice. First time went ok except that I could not handle it so we went and got her within two hours and this last time went bad! Eviee SCREAMED for the whole three hours! I felt so bad. As soon as we walked into the door and she was in my arms she stopped. Now of course I love that she loves her momma and that she feels safe when she is with me but at the same time this is not a good thing at all. Even if somebody is holding her a little to long she gets very upset. But when you are a stay at home mom that is just what happens.

My house is getting covered with pictures of this baby girl.We go every month and get her pics taken. Its amazing to me how fast she is growing and I don't want to miss a thing so pictures are our thing for sure!!!

She is the most loving little girl. I swear she is giving kisses. When you pick her up she will squeeze you like she is giving hugs and then will place her mouth on your cheek just for a second. Its kisses no matter what anybody says. :)

I love this little girl more then anything.

She had a wonderful first Christmas except for one thing... I totally forgot to get out the camcorder. UGHHHH I always forget that thing. Maybe next year.

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