Saturday, January 14, 2012

Six Months!

Well today my sweet sweet angel baby is six months old... Where does the time go??? I know I say this all the time but seriously I do not like how fast these past months have flown by.

So lets see what Miss Eviee has been up too...

Weighing in at around 16lbs (Im guessing this but well see for sure Monday)

Giggling ALL THE TIME!!!!!!

Smiling at EVERYTHING!!!

Holding her own bottle.

Sitting up all by herself... No support!!!!

Rolling all over the place.

Army crawling HAHA

Squealing... This just cracks me up!

She likes to mock her mommy and daddy.

Gives kisses

Gives hugs

She is the wigglest child EVER!!!!

She loves other kids. Thinks they are so funny.

Is trying to sit up from a laying down postion

Loves to play peek a boo

Loves music


Loves the water

Loves her mommy and daddy :)

Eviee is getting so big. These last couple of days I have been putting all of her pictures (0-5months) in albums and I am just amazed how big she has gotten. She has doubled in size and then some.

I said in my last post that we were going to start cereal this month and baby food next but these last few weeks Eviee has found her appetite. So we went ahead and started baby food. We are only giving one food at a time for 3-5 days. (They say to so this so that you can see if they have an allergie to a food)

Some foods we have had are....

Apples,Green Beans,Squash,Peas,Bananas, and Sweet Potatoes.

She HATES PEAS!!!!!! Totally 100 % HATES THEM. We tried them for two days and she only got maybe two bites down (With some very bad looking faces LOL ) so for the last couple of days I added them to green beans and that seemed to make them a little better. We will contuine to try peas many more times. :) But as for the rest of the food she seemed to really like them ALOT! Sweet Potatoes seem to be her favorite!!!

I make most of her baby food but we also by the already made organic baby food in the squeeze packs. The squeeze packs are alot better for them because the do not have ANYTHING else in them except the food.  No water oil or anything. Second best to momma's baby food. :)

Eviee is FINALLY drinking 5-6oz at a time.

She still has one to two formula bottles a day.

She is still wearing size 2 diapers but fits pretty good in size 3's

She takes 2-3 15min naps a day. Every great now and then she will actually nap for an hour or two but that doesnt happen very often.

She is still going to bed with us around 10 and still waking up around 115am and coming to bed to nurse. We did make it a week without eating during the night. (but that was alot of getting up and putting the pacy back in her month) But the next week the pacy did not work so well so I just started nurseing her again during the night.

I am going to try and get her sleeping through the night ASAP but if it doesnt happen im just fine with waking up all hours of the night to take care of my sweet girl. :)

We pretty much stay at home. This time of year is just crazy with all if sickness going around so...

Mommy made Eviee a Happy Half Year Birthday cake today... No I will not let her have any of it but I just think that it is a cute idea!

This past six months have been the best time of my life. Eviee is my dream come true. I never dreamed of meeting that perfect guy I only dreamed of being a mommy. I love her so very much. She makes my life so much better. She always puts a smile on my face. I could and most of the time do kiss that sweet little face ALL DAY LONG!!!

I am also sad to think that in six months she is going to be a year old..... Ok ill stop or I will start crying.

I love you Eviee Rae

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