Friday, February 17, 2012

7 months

Yes I said it Eviee turned 7 months on Valentines Day. I happen to think thats really sweet to have her 7 month birthday on her first Valentines day... Anyway a few pics from yesterday :)

 Eviee got a pink poodle. Its so cute and is the perfect size for her little hands. Daddy also had the flower shop add a balloon to mommy's roses just for Eviee.
Can you believe how big she is getting???

So lets see what has been going on with Miss Eviee this last month...

Weighing in at 18 lbs this bright blue eyed beauty has got have mommy and daddy wrapped DOUBLE around her pinky. :)

She wakes up at 800 on the dot most mornings. And always with a smile on her face.

Eviee has the cutest little personality. And a smile that will melt your heart!!!

She like any other baby wants to get her hands on EVERYTHING!

Her hair is strawberry blonde! And fits her perfectly!

Eviee never has made it to her crib at night.

I bought one of those mesh teething things (not sure what they are called) that you put a piece of food in it and she chews on the end and little bitty pieces of food come through... I put a banana in it and she chewed on it forever! Little tip bath is needed afterwards for sure!

She is still army crawling BACKWARDS!

She has recently learned how to scream. LOVELY!

She is still only napping for about 15 mins, 3 times a day.

She is the most affectionate baby I have ever seen. She is always giving you kisses or hugging you. When she gets sleepy she will start rubbing her hand along you cheek. Too sweet.

We have not yet started teething. Sean and I both got our teeth in around a year old and I think she will be the same.

She is in love with balloons.

She loves books. Used to when we would read a book to her she was too busy trying to grab it and now she will just sit in your lap and listen to you read. :)

If water is running she wants in it!!! Its going to be so fun this summer watching her in Nana's pool. She will love it!

Her "milk allergy" seems to be getting better. We are actually going to try tomorrow to take away the formula all together. She only has about one to two bottles a day now but no formula is better. :)

She is totally loving ALL of her baby food. She really likes it when mommy makes it. Fresh is best! :)

The doctor keeps telling me that she is on the shorter side... Why do doctors even tell you things like this??? Have they not gotten the memo that we are all DIFFERENT???? (and her mommy is only 5'3)LOL

She loves rubber ducks!!!!

And baby dolls!!! (this makes me really happy)

She gets her picture taken at least five times a day!!!

Ha our new love is baby sun glasses. Sean and I thought that since him and I always wear sunglasses that Eviee needed some too, so I went and bought her some and what do you know she loves them. She does not try and pull them off and as a matter of fact when you put them on her face she will give you the biggest smile.  So yesterday while at the mall we bought her two new pairs. :)

Her favorite baby food is Pumpkin Bananas

She loves to be outside.

She has the best attuitde. Thank goodness I was scared she was going to have mine but it seems we got lucky and she has her daddy's ;) thank you lord!!!

She is now wearing size three diapers.
Dogs make her break out in a rash and she cant breathe!!! :(

All in all Eviee is a great baby (yes I know I say it all the time). She is the light in my eyes! I love her so much. I am loving watching her grow and being able to stay at home with her. Everyday she gets cuter!

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