Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our days well spent

Eviee will be 7 months old next week so I really want to wait and talk about her and all the new things she is doing in next weeks post but I wanted to write our daily schedule so that when she is older I can look back and remember how simple life was before it consist of work,school,dance class,birthday parties, and so on. So here's what Eviee and I do all day long. Hope you enjoy HA!!!!
800-Eviee wakes mommy up by pulling my hair or running her hand along my cheek. Dot judge me but after 1:30am we co-sleep. Eviee wakes up at 1:30 and comes to our bed so that she can nurse.  She will then nurse off and on the rest of the night so...  After years of me making not so nice comments about people who sleep with their kids in bed I am now one of those people. What can ya do. LOL

815-Eviee eats and  mommy gets her morning kisses. :)

830-We get out of bed, Eviee gets a diaper change and I lay her in her bedroom floor. Eviee has a pile of stuffed animals in her floor and she just loves them. She will lay there a good while just talking and kissing all over them. So cute!!!
While Eviee is having her morning get together with her "babies" mommy makes... you guessed it COFFEE! Coffee does nothing for me in the sense of waking me up but I JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT! Don't worry I only drink two cups.

900-Mommy and Eviee sit down turn on The Rachel Ray show while and Eviee eats her breakfast. After she is done eating we have some floor time.

1000-Eviee takes a nap.

1015-Eviee wakes up. No lie 15 min

1030-Eviee eats again. (When I say eats I mean nurse)
After she's done we read some books. Sean and I think it is very important to read to her so I try to at least once or twice a day. She loves it.

1100-Snack time. Ha I think its kinda cute she has snack time. We recently started eating fruit puffs and she loves them. They are pretty little but still too big for her so I have to break them up. She will usually eats about 5 or 6 full puffs. We buy Happy Baby brand of puffs. They are organic and we love them.

1115-Some days about this time she will take another nap and some days she don't. Today she did. During this nap, if we have it I try and get a little workout in but... sometimes I just get a little FB time instead. LOL

1200-Eviee eats lunch. I either make her baby food or if I am lazy then I open a Plum Organic. Plum Organic is a great organic baby food line!

1230-Eviee plays while mommy has lunch.

115-Eviee eats and takes a nap. These last couple of days she has actually taken an hour long nap. Don't know if this is going to be the new thing or she is just trying to trick mommy.

215-Eviee wakes up, gets changed, and eats.

230-We try to get out and take a walk if its not cold or too windy if not we just play. :)

300-Eviee and I sit down to watch The Ellen show. LOVE HER!
And for some reason I pick this time of the day to start washing and drying clothes. During the breaks of course. LOL

400-I usually try to pick up the house while Eviee is playing.

500-Eviee eats and has a few more puffs.

545-Eviee naps for 15 mins

615-Start dinner for Sean and I

700-Eviee eats dinner

715-Daddy's home!!!!

730-Sean and I eat dinner while Eviee sits in her bumbo seat on the table playing with my cooking spoons lol her big brother Logan says that she is going to be a cook when she grows up. :)

800-Bath time and PJ's for Eviee

900- Relax and try to get Eviee asleep before 10 TRY...

1000-We all go to bed... all three of us :)

1030-Eviee is finally asleep...Move her to her bed and now mommy can sleep...for three hours straight

So there ya go this  is how most of our days go. Now of course we have our days when things don't always go like this, but MOST of the time they do.

Fridays are ALWAYS my days to run around. I try to only "run around" one to two days a week. I cant stand to have Eviee in the dang car seat all the time. I just feel bad for her. Even when she was real little and slept most of the time I still felt bad.

There ya go, Hope you enjoyed! Next week I will post new pictures.

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