Monday, March 26, 2012

My Journey

So tomorrow is the day

The day I have bee waiting for almost 6 months now.

Im scared

Im excited

Im freaked out

Im happy

Im sad becauce I will not get to see Eviee

Im sad that there is a good chance I wont get to kiss her goodnight. I have never been away from her over night.

I intend to fight with my doctor if he indeed tells me that I am to stay the night.

However I do have all of Eviees things packed and ready in case I do not win that battle.

I intend to stay up all night tonight so that even after the meds wear off I am still tried enough to sleep my whole stay so that I am not worried about Eviee the whole time. (hope it works)

Ive been cleaning house since yesterday. Trying to get everything ready.

I am also I little worried that I will not get this done tomorrow. I was supposed to loose 4 lbs (this is the new amount after seeing him a couple of weeks ago) and as of today I have only lost 2lbs. Yesterday the scale said 3 and now 2 ughhhhhhhh I hate scales!!!!

I am on a all liquid diet until wed night. Maybe longer I didnt really ask.

I plan on wearing ugly blank sweats tomorrow. HA!!! They told me NO JEANS so this is what they get.

I cant wear any makeup AT ALL!!!! Feel sorry for everyone that has to look at me. LOL

Im really going to miss Eviee. I need an iphone so that I can do the video calling thing.

I had a major freak out moment last night while talking to me mother. She tried to convice me not to go through with it if I was this scared. But like I told her I have to go through with this.

Ive been on The Lap Band site most of today looking at everybodys before and after . That will definently keep me wanting to get this done.

Eviee is cranky today. I think she can tell something is off

Praying everything goes well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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