Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things you may not know

  • I am currently watching General Hospital... I love this show
  • I am thinking about planting a flower garden in my backyard... Not a big one but just something pretty good size with nothing but beautiful flowers
  • I am a neat freak when it comes to my house except when it comes to my bedroom it's always a mess
  • I hate taking the clothes out of Eviee's closet that don't fit her. Makes me very sad!
  • The next person that tells me I spoil Eviee or buy her too much is going to be slapped!!! This is my child and I will buy whatever whenever I feel like. And by the way why the hell do you care????
  • We still havent decided on getting a bigger car. Somethings are up in the air right now and we may not really need a bigger car so until it's all decided I guess we'll stick with what we have.
  • Sean really wants a flat screen tv but I dont want to spend the money on one. Why??? No ours is not a flat screen but it still works. When I was growing up we didnt just get something new unless we needed it or it was broken so....
  • I am ALWAYS thinking about the past and the people in it. Did I mention that I HATE IT!!!
  • I am so sick of getting on FB and seeing peoples relationship status changing EVERY FREAKING DAY!!!  And on that note I am also sick of those people who update the normal status every two seconds ERRRR you may be deleted it you are one of these people. :)
  • My lap band seems to be takeing FOREVER. Now they are saying I should hear something by the end of this week or the first of next.  Not holding my breath
  • Im thinking about going blonde when I get nice and skinny. We shall see. :)
  • I feel like Sean and I need some "couple friends" but....
  • I also feel like Sean and I need more date nights but I can't stand to be away from Eviee
  • I want to go on Vacation SOON!!!
  • I am loving the weather this week, Eviee and I have been on many walks
  • My mother in law is makeing me a diaper bag that will match Eviees car seat. I never found one that I wanted before I had her and ever since Ive been a little busy but lucky for us nana is great at sewing. I will post pictures of it as soon as I get it.
  • Ha I told Sean that I wanted a sugar daddy .... as long as I get a sugar momma he said LOL we may have to work on this LOLOLOLOL
 I guess this is it for now Eviee needs mommy. Have a wonderful day!

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