Monday, April 9, 2012

8 months

 I can not believe that I have a 8 month old! Really???? Seems like yesterday we found out that we were having a girl and now here we are... my baby is 8 months old!

Eviee now weighs about 18 lbs according to my scale.

She is eating solids three times a day now. And loving it!!!!

We are using a sippy cup. Not all the time but every couple of days I will give it to her with some water and she will drink it.

We have decided to wait until she is a year to start any other form of liquid besides breast milk and water what little formula she gets.

We have moved her to the crib in her room :( this makes me so very sad but I know that it is time.
We have a Summer day and night monitor in there so I can see her all night long. :)

She is so funny!!! She laughs at everything!!!! She's doing this new thing where she laughs smiles and squints her nose all at once... SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!

She is so loving. She is always giving kisses and hugs!

She loves any kind of stuffed animals.

She isn't crawling yet and honestly Sean and I think that she is going to skip crawling and go straight to walking! She is just so stinking smart crawling is for those average babies LOL JK But she is scooting all over the place.

She pulled herself up holding on to the crib the other day. I could not believe it. I sat her in the crib so I could find her something to wear and when I turned around there she was standing and laughing me. Blew me away!

We put her down with the dogs the other day to see how she did, not to bad. That night she got a little yucky but nothing like it has been so I'm hoping this means she is getting over her allergy.

We are joining a play group next month. So excited!!!!! Eviee loves other babies and kids, I think she will love to have some friends.

She is still not a big napper. She does sleep almost all night but still just little cat naps during the day. But I don't mind I miss her when she is sleeping. :)

I have ever mentioned that I call her "noodle"??? We'll I do. I have called her that since she was born, OK well it started out as "pumpkin noodle" and then I dropped the "pumpkin" so she is my"noodle"!!!  LOL I love my noodle.

Eviee is totally in love with her daddy! She thinks he is the best thing EVER!!!! Her little eyes just light up when she sees him. Melts my heart!

She hates to have blankets on her. She will do whatever it takes to kick them off.

She is becoming a stomach sleeper like her mommy.

She started waving "HI" last week. She has a very prissy wave. Wonder where she got it from????

Well I'm a little late getting this posted so a few things have change since I had my surgery....

Eviee is pretty much on formula now. I was on pain meds for over a week and a half so I couldn't nurse and I really didn't feel like pumping considering I never get any that way anyways. Now I have nursed her a couple of times these last couple of days but only at night before she goes to bed. We considered getting donated milk but neither Sean or I really felt 100% comfortable with that so. I told myself that I would be happy so long I could nurse until she was 8 months and I did. So instead of being mad at myself I am going to be happy. Most woman don't even make it a month so I think I did good. I will continue to nurse her when and if she wants to but I'm not going to stress myself out over it.

Eviee is back in our room and in our bed. So many things were different for her when I had my surgery (being away from me all day/night, not being able to hold her for a couple of days and then only for a few minutes, not be able to nurse and so on) that she would not sleep in her crib. So she is now  as we speech in mommy and daddy's bed. Once I get all healed up and am able to reach back down in her crib then we will move her back to her room but until then....

Naps the past two weeks have been really good. She has been sleeping anywhere from 2-4 hours but I know this is only because I am in the bed with her. I'm still so tried and hurting that by noon Ive had all I can have and must lay down. And since I'm back to caring for her by myself during the day she must come with mommy :)

I say this every post but Eviee is the sweetest, funniest, smartest little baby. I am completely amazed by how much I love her. My love for her grows every second. I find myself just starring at her. I have watched many babies grow but watching my child grow and learn new things and change daily has me in ahh. I cant really describe it... something only a parent knows that's for sure. This child is the greatest gift I have ever received. I am so thankful for her. She is my sweet little angel.

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