Sunday, April 15, 2012

Going Back

I had posted that Eviee was pretty well all on formula since my surgery. It really wasn't all from the surgery, Id say she was already starting to self wean either way she was pretty well done. A friend had asked me how breast feeding was going and I told her that my milk had pretty well dried up! I was so sad. I tried not to be. In the beginning I told myself that she would NEVER have formula and then we had to start, but still being able to nurse some made me happy. So at that point I said as long as I can breastfeed till she is eight months old . I thought that wasn't going to happen either because I had already started on The Lap Band and thought that I would have it by the time she was five months old and wasn't sure if I would be able to still make milk after that. Then when my surgery finally got approved we had been nursing for eight months. Someone had told me that it was just meant to be. I wanted to nurse for eight months and did so now its time to move on. So I bought some formula and just told myself to be happy with giving her the best for eight months. But deep down I was so upset. I wanted the best for her for as long as possible. Well a week after surgery I started nursing again. Eviee took right to it as though nothing had ever changed. But then about two days later she changed her mind. No way was she nursing anymore. So here we were again with formula. This I mind you is the first time she has ever been solely on formula and I hated it!!!! Then last night something came over me that said NO she wasn't done I wasn't going to let her. LOL So I have been pumping and taking fenugreek ALOT for the last 24 hours and of course offering the breast to Eviee but she still is sold on it again but I'm not going to give up. Formula is not going to win!!! LOL

Sorry for the rambling but its just how it is in my head! LOL

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