Friday, April 6, 2012


Im still in pain but it is getting better

I have lost 11 pounds as of this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be glad when I can sleep on my stomach again

My clothes are already fitting sooooo much better

Eviee amazes me everyday.

I can not beleive how much I love her.  It is way beyond anything I have ever experienced!

I have the best husband in the world! Be jealous! HAHA

I have some goals.... Loose 80lbs by the end of this year. , actually attend the play group I joined a month ago, start jogging, read six books by the end of this year, I want to learn to love to bake (healthy of course) and some other things but thats for me to know :)

I really have learned who my friends are.

I cant breastfeed anymore due to the surgery and im not going to beat myself up over it

I cant believe that this Oct Sean and I will have been together five years!!!!!!

Im so ready for my stomach to calm down so that I can have a Red bull, it has been over a year since I had one and I love them LOL

Sean told me that it is up to me weather or not we would have another child. So I  made up my mind that I do not want another one and then this morning he actually came out and told me that he really does want another one. Not really sure how I feel about it I kinda laughed it off posted a fb status but honestly I really dont think im gonna change my mind.

Someone from my past has really been on my mind ALOT lately, so much so that I have been dreaming about that person. Dont you hate that. I dont even talk to them and yet cant them off my mind.

Im excited to get Eviees new diaper bag. Hopefully  Ill get it tomorrow.

We are having a bbq at my moms tomorrow. Love being around all of my family!

My next blog I have decided is going to be on being a step mom.....

And to come I will do my best to get Eviees 8 month post up soon. I need to upload pictures for it and everytime I do my computer messes up.

We are going to Texas in June for Seans family reounion. Its been about ten years since he went to one.

I guess thats about it.

Dont you just LOVE this picture of Eviee!!!!!!

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