Friday, May 25, 2012

10 months

Can you believe that I am sitting here typing up a 10 month post!

I remember posting the 2 month still in total disbelief that "I" had a two month old and now here I am with a 10 month old!
(Eviee @ 2 months)

Eviee weighs 21 lbs as of the other day! The doctor is always telling me she is under weight but man the girl is getting heavy to mommy :)

I'm happy to report that she is now saying "momma" ALOT!!!!! MELT. MY. HEART!!!! I have been waiting years to hear someone call me momma.

She is getting so fast at crawling well scooting. (We have hard wood floors)

She is "trying to get in to everything".

She is doing amazing with the sippy cup. I do think we will be done with bottles by the time she hits a year old.

We are no longer nursing. It has been two weeks since she last nursed. Its a bitter sweet moment for me. I worked very hard to nurse as long as we did but she self weaned and they say that is the best way to get them off so.... we made it nine months, one month longer then I had hoped for so.

She is starting to eat alot more "normal foods". She would love to try everything we eat but NO GOING TO HAPPEN. LOL

Still can not handle anything with milk in what so ever!

She loves to be outside.

She has her very 1st ear infection. :(

She is starting to sleep more in her crib. Nothing to brag about but we are getting there.

She recently got a "big girl" car seat as we call it and she loves it!

She is in love with baby dolls.

She had her first swimming pool experience and LOVED IT!
She will try and make every sound you make. Or if you laugh at her she will laugh back at you. So cute!
 (her 1st pair of "big girl" pjs)

I didn't think it was possible but  she is getting more affectionate.

She blew her first kiss the other day!

She has two bottom teeth and the top are just days from appearing.

She seems to be reconsigning more sign language.

She is in love with taking baths!!! If the water is running she has the biggest smile on her face.

Is drinking formula, and water. I do give her an once of soy milk in the mornings with breakfast. Trying to get her used to it so it will make switching from formula to milk alot easier.


Eviee you are growing up too fast. I find myself crying alot more over you these days. Knowing that you are my only baby it kills me by how fast time seems to go by. I love waking up and seeing your cute face. I love hearing you say "momma" and "dada". I love the feeling I have in my heart because of you. I love how you have made me fall more in love with your daddy. I am so blessed that you are happy and healthy but more that you are my daughter. Happy 10 month Birthday baby girl. Its getting time to start planning your 1st birthday :/

Friday, May 18, 2012

Things change

Its crazy how things change after you have kids.

  • time alone with you husband is almost non existent
  • its hard to remember what 8 hours of sleep a night is like
  • finding things to talk about besides your baby is hard
  • you cant just jump up and leave the house at the crack of dawn (at least I cant)
  • toys fill you house
  • you start actually hearing those "bad words" and realize you MUST STOP talking like that around your child
  • you realize that you want to be a better person for them
  • you buy diaper bags and baby shoes instead of purses and high heels
  • you feed them but forget to feed your self
  • they are always on your mind
  • you find your self not wanting to do things unless you can take them with you
  • you get excited about things like your shipment of cloth diapers arrivered HAHA
  • you cry over everything
  • you dress them way better then you dress yourself
Having a baby changes EVERYTHING! But it changes everything for the better. Of course I want to spend alone time with my husband but he and I feel the same way about Eviee. We wanted her. We wanted her for a long time. And we do not want her away from us. We will have time alone but right now she is what matters most.
Sleep isn't that big of a deal to me. I would rather be able to kiss and see Eviee then to never sleep again.
Everybody is different  but we are on a schedule. If we get off it even 15 mins it isn't a good thing. So we plan life around Eviee. Not Eviee around life. This is what works for us. I know that it wont be like this forever and there will be a time when we don't have to worry so much if its 30 mins past time for her to eat or nap but now it matters. I cant stand to hear her cry and being on a schedule allows me to almost always know why she is crying.
I don't have a sailor mouth but it has gotten alot worst over the years. But now its like those "bad words" sound so much louder to me. I can hear a bad word a mile away LOL and I do not want Eviee to hear them things. I try to be respectful and not tell someone to watch their mouth in their home but man o man its getting hard. And really why do people choose to use "bad words" when children are present???  I'm not perfect and I do slip up but I'm trying very hard to clean up my mouth and Sean's too HA!
I find myself always thinking Ive got to change that. I cant be doing that. Did I really just think that? I want to be the best person I can be for Eviee. 9 times out of 10 your children will act the way the are taught. Led by example!!!!!
I used to own so many hand bags and high heels. I bought them all the time, not anymore. I am not going to carry around two bags and a baby and I would fall right over if I tried to carry Eviee while wearing my heels. So until she is walking and not needing so many items diaper bags and baby shoes works for me! :)
There has been times when I think what have I eaten today??? O yea NOTHING! Oh well my baby was feed I know that for sure!
I think about Eviee non stop. Weather she is sitting in my lap, asleep in her bed, while I'm in the shower, doing dishes. I love her and I love to think about her.
There are always going to be things where children are not welcome but for me if my daughter can not come there is a good chance that I will not be there. (I'm not talking about emergencies)
I get so excited over everything new Eviee gets. Toys clothes and yes her diapers. LOL they are soooo cute! Ill do a post on cloth diapers after I have decided if I like them or not.
I find myself crying over things that I never used to. No I'm not depressed. I just cry when I see a baby being born on T.V. or I hear of a family who has had a hard time, things like that.
I may be in sweats all day but Eviee is always dressed to the T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love how my life has changed! I love my husband and our daughter. Life couldn't get any better! I am so blessed and thankful.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Random info

  • It has been 6 weeks since I had The Lap Band done. I have lost 19 lbs!!!!
  • My goal is to loose another 15lbs by my birthday... 16 days from now
  • I am getting very excited about buying smaller clothes.
  • Eviee and I take walks every morning and I'm hoping to turn walking into jogging in about two months.
  • Eviee is working on getting her two top teeth in. I think they will pop through in the next day or two.
  • We have had one heck of a week. It has truly been one thing or another this week.
  • I find myself praying that a certain person or persons will move far far away. (if only)
  • Sean and I are dying to move back to Tulsa!!!!
  • Eviee's birthday is less then two months away. EKKKKKKK!
  • My cloth diapers came in today. I'm excited to try them out. It will save us tons of money!
  • Sean and I are planning a trip to Savannah GA in Sept. Can. Not. Wait.
  • I have the best husband in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have the sweetest daughter in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I want to buy a new couch so bad but we never seem to have time to go look for one.
  • I want to/need to buy another vacuum REALLY BAD! Any suggestions????
  • My birthday is 16 days away and I am so not looking forward to it. I hate getting old. HATE IT!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day

Hey ya'll! Hope you wonderful ladies had a great Mothers Day!!!!

Yesterday was such a wonderful day! Not because  I got breakfast in bed, or a new necklace, or a spa day but because I got to spend the day seeing, holding, kissing, hugging my sweet sweet baby girl.

Yesterday was so special. After suffering a miscarriage and then taking another year to get pregnant your mind starts wondering if you'll ever get to experience what its like to be a mother. Being a mother is all I have EVER wanted out of life!!! The day Eviee was placed into my arms was the absolute best day I have ever and will ever have in my life. A day I truly will never forget. Eviee brings a type of love I never knew was possible. A love you only hear about. A love you only dream about. She makes my life feel so complete. She fills my life with so much joy. Her little smile melts my heart a 100 times a day. Her kisses are so sweet. And what made yesterday even more special is Eviee said "momma" ALL DAY!!!!!

It amazes me that what everybody told me would be so right and yet so wrong

  • From day one I was told that morning sickness would be just awful - TRUE
  • That I would hate being pregnant - TRUE
  • That the moment felt my baby move would make it "real" - TRUE
  • That no matter what the gender I would be TRILLED - TRUE (we wanted a boy)
  • That my feet would swell so bad I couldn't walk - FREAKING TRUE
  • That I would go into the "nesting" mode - FALSE
  • That right before I had her that I would have so much energy - FALSE
  • That I would go into labor naturally - FALSE (c-section, she was stuck under my ribs)
  • That the moment I heard her cry nothing else would matter - TRUE
  • That breastfeeding would be hard at first - FALSE ( she was a pro)
  • That she wouldn't sleep at night -FALSE ( up until about 3 months ago anyways LOL )
  • That my hormones would go crazy after I had her - FALSE (at least I think) :)
  • That you will NEVER love someone like you love your child - TRUE
  • That she will wrap me around her finger a little more everyday - TRUE
  • That I would fall in love with her more everyday - TRUE
  • That I would want to have time alone or with the hubby - FALSE!!!!!! Need my baby!!!
  • That I would let myself go after I had her - TRUE! SAD BUT TRUE!
  • That you would learn who your true friends are - TRUE
  • That I would love my husband even more - TRUE
  • That time would pass by so fast -TRUE! HATE THIS!
  • That baby weight would fall off if I breastfeed - FREAKING FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • That your house work would slack - umm kinda both depends on the day :)
Eviee has changed my life so much in the last 10 months. Being her mommy is the most amazing gift I have ever had! She is the most precious thing to me. She has stolen my heart. And she has made me fall even more in love with Sean. I couldn't imagine my life without her and I am starting to forget life before her. I love you Eviee Rae. Thank you for making me a mommy.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I read this on another blog the other day and I knew I wanted to re-post this. I write "most" of this blog so that one day Eviee will be able to read about her life when she was too little to remember.

Call them old fashioned or you can call them southern but these are things I want Eviee to know and do as she grows up.

  1. Always say please, thank you, and excuse me.
  2. Say yes ma'am and no ma'am and yes sir and no sir.
  3. Have common courtesy. Example, If you are checking out at the cash register and your phone rings let it go to voice mail. You can call that person back, but there is no need to be rude to the person who is serving you.
  4. Leave a good tip. If someone is waiting on you and does a good job make sure they know it.
  5. If you get an invitation that request an RSVP then respond. Not responding is not sending a decline or a "no" its just plain rude. Even if it is your family you should always let them know.
  6. Send "real hand written" thank you cards.
  7. Offer to help.
  8. Know the difference in an inside voice and outside voice and use them.
  9. Don't interrupt someone when they are talking.
  10. Being on time means being a little early. There is not such thing as fashionable late.
The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

We shouldnt judge

Before I has Eviee I judged EVERY mother! I thought after working in daycare for years and having babysat every ones children and having nine nieces and nephews that I KNEW IT ALL...WRONG!!!

Truth is none of us do.

Breastfeed or formula... That should be an easy answer FOR MOST but for others it isn't. Studies show this and that and so on but truth is SOME MOTHERS JUST CAN NOT BREAST FEED END OF STORY!!!!  I myself I do breastfeed. We used to only breast feed and now we do both. Yep that's right she gets formula too. Why many of you are asking... guess what ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!! Simple as that. Don't judge the next mom you see who is giving her baby a bottle of formula cause there may a reason behind it that you simply wouldn't want to know. Maybe shes sick??? Maybe she is really sick like cancer or something??? Maybe the baby would never latch???? Maybe the baby wont latch and she cant pump???? Maybe for the last ten months she did only breastfeed and then one day her milk dried up! Guess what that s*** happens EVERY FREAKING DAY!!!!!!! So to those woman who want to judge other moms because they are not breastfeeding you should stop and tell yourself that first and for most it isn't none of your damn business and second tell yourself that maybe she just simply cant.

Diapers... Seriously I never in a million years would have ever thought that women would make such a big deal about diapers. Really??? In the end they are all good for one thing. PEE AND POOP!!! That's it. Its not like they have super powers they are diapers they cover your baby's butt that's it!!!
Now with that being said before I havdEviee I myself said that I wanted to try out cloth diapers. One because I'm kinda an all natural kinda of girl and disposable diapers have so many chemicals in them and two in the long run you will save some major $$$!!! But it was just something I never got around to really checking out before Eviee was born, so we do pampers. I love pampers. I love the smell of pampers. But I have to say that this last month I have met a group of ladies who do cloth diaper and one of them was so kind as to hand me one and say "go try it". So I did and I like them. Cant say I love them yet but I do like them. Then I really started looking into them and decided that I would give it a real shot! I ordered some and they should be here soon. So I will let you know how all that works out LOL.

Co-sleeping.... I never understood why people did this. I mean there was times that I couldn't stand people after they told me that they co-slept with their child. I was so judgemental about this subject. But truth be told Eviee is nine months old and she has been co-sleeping since she was five months old. Yep I said it. I miss judgemental me co-sleeps with my child. I never intended to do this. AT ALL! But it just kinda happened. Eviee came to bed one night to nurse and she ended up falling back asleep and me being the tried momma I was I left her there and instead of waking up again two hours later she slept through the night!!! Eviee had always been a great sleep but not like this. So one night turned in to two and two in to three and three into four months later.HA! Half the time she starts off in her crib and half the time she is just in our bed all night. But I co-sleep. And you know what I don't regret it. I myself do not get sleep once she is in our bed. I kinda end up at the bottom of the bed making sure that she has enough room and all and I never completely fall back asleep. Some babies just need to feel that warmth near them. I read a saying the other day about co-sleeping and it said "some babies are just like some adults, some simply can not be alone at night". Now I will say I do believe that if you never start then they will always sleep in their bed but once you do start good luck ever getting them out. LOL Would I not love for her to sleep in her own bed at night sure but she gets great sleep and mommy is just happy to have a sweet little baby to look at all night. Yes I am super woman. I live on maybe three hours of sleep a night! HAHA

Car Seats... It really doesn't matter. Yes I have my favorite brands as does everyone. But just because I buy the $500.00 car seat (just example) doesn't mean I expect the next person. Truth is they are all safe (as long as you buy the right kind for your child's age) or they wouldn't be in stores for you to buy. These things are tested out ya know!

Baby food... I started Eviee out on solids at almost 7 months old. We feed her only organic,but this does not mean that I think parents who start their baby's on food at four months or eleven months are crazy. I don't look at them any different. Momma knows her baby best! We choose organic but I don't expect nor do I think it is bad to give "normal" baby food.

Advice... It is quite simple... MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT THE HECK YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!! Just because you read some books doesn't make you an expert. And be careful how you tell your "advice" you may end up hurting someones feelings.

Like I said I used to judge so much it was just insane. Why I don't know. I definitely have no right. And I'm not saying that I don't ever judge I am human after all but I am trying to change this. I do not want my daughter growing up thinking it is ok to judge people just because they do not think or do the things she does. In the end we are all the same. In three years all us new moms are going to be worrying about is potty training not who breastfeed and who wore disposable diapers. In three years all that really is going to matter is the same thing that matters now, that we as mothers are doing the best we can and that our children are happy and healthy! So Ladies just try to stop and think before you automatically start judging another mother. You never know what could be going on that you cant see.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

9 months

                                           Holy Cow my noodle is 9 months old!!!

Eviee is saying "dada" ALL THE TIME!!!! Like seriously non-stop. I keep telling her to say "momma" but she isn't listening to me :(

She is all over the place. She may no be crawling but this child gets where she wants to go and with speed!

She is pulling up on everything. Including my leg. If I'm cooking dinner she is standing right under me holding on LOL

I think this last month she really has decided that she "LIKES" her toys. She always would play with them but not like she is now.

She has really turned into a daddy's girls this week. She is literaly jumping out of my arms and into his!

She is making this noise when she wants you to look at her or if she wants something. I don't know how to explain it but its really funny.

We finally attended our first play group and Eviee loved it. She LOVES other babies!

She is really starring us down when we eat something. She acts like we give her everything we eat and that is NOT TRUE! LOL I am very strick about what I feed her.... Sorry noodle :)

She is doing so good with her sippy cup. I am thinking about really trying to get rid of the bottle soon but we'll see

She is going through separation issues lately. I can not walk out of the room without her crying. She stayed with my mom the other day and I ended up going and picking her up two and half hours before I supposed to because she was screaming so bad. So beware if you ask me to do something with you I WILL have Eviee with me. There is no way I am leaving her to cry for hours.

We bought some Earths Best Organic teething biscuits the other day and Eviee is in LOVE with them!!! They are really hard so she can chew on it FOREVER before it starts falling apart. SCORE!!!!

I swear she says "yes".

I can not believe that in less then 3 months she will be one!

She is still wearing 6-9 month clothes and some 9-12 if they are smaller made.

Her hair is finally growing and it is RED!!!!!! But O how stinkin cute it looks on her.

I thank God everyday that he has given me this baby and thank him for keeping her healthy!

We have been teaching her how to sign since she was about four months old but we have really tried to step it up lately. I think is she starting to get what eat is LOL

She loves baby dolls.

And music.

She is so busy these days. Don't even think about holding her for more then two minutes.

She loves to be outside.

Her smile could melt the world!!!

She is really changing in her sleeping schedule. This is good and bad. HA!

She has the most expressive eyes of any baby I have ever known.

She is getting quite the little personality these days.

She has started playing shy.

Eviee is growing like a weed. Everyday she changes. Everyday she learns something new. I am so smitten by her. She has stolen my heart and has me wrapped around that little finger 1000 times over. I really do thank God everyday for giving me this baby. Ive been the woman wondering if I would ever be a mother. Ive been the mother who has lost a baby... twice. But now I am the mother to the most beautiful little girl God has ever made. She is my life. She is the reason I do everything. She makes me want to change for the better. She is my everything. I love you so much Eviee. I could not have a more perfect angel. I am so blessed to be your mommy.