Friday, May 25, 2012

10 months

Can you believe that I am sitting here typing up a 10 month post!

I remember posting the 2 month still in total disbelief that "I" had a two month old and now here I am with a 10 month old!
(Eviee @ 2 months)

Eviee weighs 21 lbs as of the other day! The doctor is always telling me she is under weight but man the girl is getting heavy to mommy :)

I'm happy to report that she is now saying "momma" ALOT!!!!! MELT. MY. HEART!!!! I have been waiting years to hear someone call me momma.

She is getting so fast at crawling well scooting. (We have hard wood floors)

She is "trying to get in to everything".

She is doing amazing with the sippy cup. I do think we will be done with bottles by the time she hits a year old.

We are no longer nursing. It has been two weeks since she last nursed. Its a bitter sweet moment for me. I worked very hard to nurse as long as we did but she self weaned and they say that is the best way to get them off so.... we made it nine months, one month longer then I had hoped for so.

She is starting to eat alot more "normal foods". She would love to try everything we eat but NO GOING TO HAPPEN. LOL

Still can not handle anything with milk in what so ever!

She loves to be outside.

She has her very 1st ear infection. :(

She is starting to sleep more in her crib. Nothing to brag about but we are getting there.

She recently got a "big girl" car seat as we call it and she loves it!

She is in love with baby dolls.

She had her first swimming pool experience and LOVED IT!
She will try and make every sound you make. Or if you laugh at her she will laugh back at you. So cute!
 (her 1st pair of "big girl" pjs)

I didn't think it was possible but  she is getting more affectionate.

She blew her first kiss the other day!

She has two bottom teeth and the top are just days from appearing.

She seems to be reconsigning more sign language.

She is in love with taking baths!!! If the water is running she has the biggest smile on her face.

Is drinking formula, and water. I do give her an once of soy milk in the mornings with breakfast. Trying to get her used to it so it will make switching from formula to milk alot easier.


Eviee you are growing up too fast. I find myself crying alot more over you these days. Knowing that you are my only baby it kills me by how fast time seems to go by. I love waking up and seeing your cute face. I love hearing you say "momma" and "dada". I love the feeling I have in my heart because of you. I love how you have made me fall more in love with your daddy. I am so blessed that you are happy and healthy but more that you are my daughter. Happy 10 month Birthday baby girl. Its getting time to start planning your 1st birthday :/

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