Tuesday, May 1, 2012

9 months

                                           Holy Cow my noodle is 9 months old!!!

Eviee is saying "dada" ALL THE TIME!!!! Like seriously non-stop. I keep telling her to say "momma" but she isn't listening to me :(

She is all over the place. She may no be crawling but this child gets where she wants to go and with speed!

She is pulling up on everything. Including my leg. If I'm cooking dinner she is standing right under me holding on LOL

I think this last month she really has decided that she "LIKES" her toys. She always would play with them but not like she is now.

She has really turned into a daddy's girls this week. She is literaly jumping out of my arms and into his!

She is making this noise when she wants you to look at her or if she wants something. I don't know how to explain it but its really funny.

We finally attended our first play group and Eviee loved it. She LOVES other babies!

She is really starring us down when we eat something. She acts like we give her everything we eat and that is NOT TRUE! LOL I am very strick about what I feed her.... Sorry noodle :)

She is doing so good with her sippy cup. I am thinking about really trying to get rid of the bottle soon but we'll see

She is going through separation issues lately. I can not walk out of the room without her crying. She stayed with my mom the other day and I ended up going and picking her up two and half hours before I supposed to because she was screaming so bad. So beware if you ask me to do something with you I WILL have Eviee with me. There is no way I am leaving her to cry for hours.

We bought some Earths Best Organic teething biscuits the other day and Eviee is in LOVE with them!!! They are really hard so she can chew on it FOREVER before it starts falling apart. SCORE!!!!

I swear she says "yes".

I can not believe that in less then 3 months she will be one!

She is still wearing 6-9 month clothes and some 9-12 if they are smaller made.

Her hair is finally growing and it is RED!!!!!! But O how stinkin cute it looks on her.

I thank God everyday that he has given me this baby and thank him for keeping her healthy!

We have been teaching her how to sign since she was about four months old but we have really tried to step it up lately. I think is she starting to get what eat is LOL

She loves baby dolls.

And music.

She is so busy these days. Don't even think about holding her for more then two minutes.

She loves to be outside.

Her smile could melt the world!!!

She is really changing in her sleeping schedule. This is good and bad. HA!

She has the most expressive eyes of any baby I have ever known.

She is getting quite the little personality these days.

She has started playing shy.

Eviee is growing like a weed. Everyday she changes. Everyday she learns something new. I am so smitten by her. She has stolen my heart and has me wrapped around that little finger 1000 times over. I really do thank God everyday for giving me this baby. Ive been the woman wondering if I would ever be a mother. Ive been the mother who has lost a baby... twice. But now I am the mother to the most beautiful little girl God has ever made. She is my life. She is the reason I do everything. She makes me want to change for the better. She is my everything. I love you so much Eviee. I could not have a more perfect angel. I am so blessed to be your mommy.

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