Thursday, May 10, 2012

I read this on another blog the other day and I knew I wanted to re-post this. I write "most" of this blog so that one day Eviee will be able to read about her life when she was too little to remember.

Call them old fashioned or you can call them southern but these are things I want Eviee to know and do as she grows up.

  1. Always say please, thank you, and excuse me.
  2. Say yes ma'am and no ma'am and yes sir and no sir.
  3. Have common courtesy. Example, If you are checking out at the cash register and your phone rings let it go to voice mail. You can call that person back, but there is no need to be rude to the person who is serving you.
  4. Leave a good tip. If someone is waiting on you and does a good job make sure they know it.
  5. If you get an invitation that request an RSVP then respond. Not responding is not sending a decline or a "no" its just plain rude. Even if it is your family you should always let them know.
  6. Send "real hand written" thank you cards.
  7. Offer to help.
  8. Know the difference in an inside voice and outside voice and use them.
  9. Don't interrupt someone when they are talking.
  10. Being on time means being a little early. There is not such thing as fashionable late.
The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.

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  1. Hey girl, thanks for stopping by my blog! I love this post and feel the exact same way :) I look forward to following!