Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day

Hey ya'll! Hope you wonderful ladies had a great Mothers Day!!!!

Yesterday was such a wonderful day! Not because  I got breakfast in bed, or a new necklace, or a spa day but because I got to spend the day seeing, holding, kissing, hugging my sweet sweet baby girl.

Yesterday was so special. After suffering a miscarriage and then taking another year to get pregnant your mind starts wondering if you'll ever get to experience what its like to be a mother. Being a mother is all I have EVER wanted out of life!!! The day Eviee was placed into my arms was the absolute best day I have ever and will ever have in my life. A day I truly will never forget. Eviee brings a type of love I never knew was possible. A love you only hear about. A love you only dream about. She makes my life feel so complete. She fills my life with so much joy. Her little smile melts my heart a 100 times a day. Her kisses are so sweet. And what made yesterday even more special is Eviee said "momma" ALL DAY!!!!!

It amazes me that what everybody told me would be so right and yet so wrong

  • From day one I was told that morning sickness would be just awful - TRUE
  • That I would hate being pregnant - TRUE
  • That the moment felt my baby move would make it "real" - TRUE
  • That no matter what the gender I would be TRILLED - TRUE (we wanted a boy)
  • That my feet would swell so bad I couldn't walk - FREAKING TRUE
  • That I would go into the "nesting" mode - FALSE
  • That right before I had her that I would have so much energy - FALSE
  • That I would go into labor naturally - FALSE (c-section, she was stuck under my ribs)
  • That the moment I heard her cry nothing else would matter - TRUE
  • That breastfeeding would be hard at first - FALSE ( she was a pro)
  • That she wouldn't sleep at night -FALSE ( up until about 3 months ago anyways LOL )
  • That my hormones would go crazy after I had her - FALSE (at least I think) :)
  • That you will NEVER love someone like you love your child - TRUE
  • That she will wrap me around her finger a little more everyday - TRUE
  • That I would fall in love with her more everyday - TRUE
  • That I would want to have time alone or with the hubby - FALSE!!!!!! Need my baby!!!
  • That I would let myself go after I had her - TRUE! SAD BUT TRUE!
  • That you would learn who your true friends are - TRUE
  • That I would love my husband even more - TRUE
  • That time would pass by so fast -TRUE! HATE THIS!
  • That baby weight would fall off if I breastfeed - FREAKING FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • That your house work would slack - umm kinda both depends on the day :)
Eviee has changed my life so much in the last 10 months. Being her mommy is the most amazing gift I have ever had! She is the most precious thing to me. She has stolen my heart. And she has made me fall even more in love with Sean. I couldn't imagine my life without her and I am starting to forget life before her. I love you Eviee Rae. Thank you for making me a mommy.

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