Friday, May 18, 2012

Things change

Its crazy how things change after you have kids.

  • time alone with you husband is almost non existent
  • its hard to remember what 8 hours of sleep a night is like
  • finding things to talk about besides your baby is hard
  • you cant just jump up and leave the house at the crack of dawn (at least I cant)
  • toys fill you house
  • you start actually hearing those "bad words" and realize you MUST STOP talking like that around your child
  • you realize that you want to be a better person for them
  • you buy diaper bags and baby shoes instead of purses and high heels
  • you feed them but forget to feed your self
  • they are always on your mind
  • you find your self not wanting to do things unless you can take them with you
  • you get excited about things like your shipment of cloth diapers arrivered HAHA
  • you cry over everything
  • you dress them way better then you dress yourself
Having a baby changes EVERYTHING! But it changes everything for the better. Of course I want to spend alone time with my husband but he and I feel the same way about Eviee. We wanted her. We wanted her for a long time. And we do not want her away from us. We will have time alone but right now she is what matters most.
Sleep isn't that big of a deal to me. I would rather be able to kiss and see Eviee then to never sleep again.
Everybody is different  but we are on a schedule. If we get off it even 15 mins it isn't a good thing. So we plan life around Eviee. Not Eviee around life. This is what works for us. I know that it wont be like this forever and there will be a time when we don't have to worry so much if its 30 mins past time for her to eat or nap but now it matters. I cant stand to hear her cry and being on a schedule allows me to almost always know why she is crying.
I don't have a sailor mouth but it has gotten alot worst over the years. But now its like those "bad words" sound so much louder to me. I can hear a bad word a mile away LOL and I do not want Eviee to hear them things. I try to be respectful and not tell someone to watch their mouth in their home but man o man its getting hard. And really why do people choose to use "bad words" when children are present???  I'm not perfect and I do slip up but I'm trying very hard to clean up my mouth and Sean's too HA!
I find myself always thinking Ive got to change that. I cant be doing that. Did I really just think that? I want to be the best person I can be for Eviee. 9 times out of 10 your children will act the way the are taught. Led by example!!!!!
I used to own so many hand bags and high heels. I bought them all the time, not anymore. I am not going to carry around two bags and a baby and I would fall right over if I tried to carry Eviee while wearing my heels. So until she is walking and not needing so many items diaper bags and baby shoes works for me! :)
There has been times when I think what have I eaten today??? O yea NOTHING! Oh well my baby was feed I know that for sure!
I think about Eviee non stop. Weather she is sitting in my lap, asleep in her bed, while I'm in the shower, doing dishes. I love her and I love to think about her.
There are always going to be things where children are not welcome but for me if my daughter can not come there is a good chance that I will not be there. (I'm not talking about emergencies)
I get so excited over everything new Eviee gets. Toys clothes and yes her diapers. LOL they are soooo cute! Ill do a post on cloth diapers after I have decided if I like them or not.
I find myself crying over things that I never used to. No I'm not depressed. I just cry when I see a baby being born on T.V. or I hear of a family who has had a hard time, things like that.
I may be in sweats all day but Eviee is always dressed to the T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love how my life has changed! I love my husband and our daughter. Life couldn't get any better! I am so blessed and thankful.

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