Thursday, May 3, 2012

We shouldnt judge

Before I has Eviee I judged EVERY mother! I thought after working in daycare for years and having babysat every ones children and having nine nieces and nephews that I KNEW IT ALL...WRONG!!!

Truth is none of us do.

Breastfeed or formula... That should be an easy answer FOR MOST but for others it isn't. Studies show this and that and so on but truth is SOME MOTHERS JUST CAN NOT BREAST FEED END OF STORY!!!!  I myself I do breastfeed. We used to only breast feed and now we do both. Yep that's right she gets formula too. Why many of you are asking... guess what ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!! Simple as that. Don't judge the next mom you see who is giving her baby a bottle of formula cause there may a reason behind it that you simply wouldn't want to know. Maybe shes sick??? Maybe she is really sick like cancer or something??? Maybe the baby would never latch???? Maybe the baby wont latch and she cant pump???? Maybe for the last ten months she did only breastfeed and then one day her milk dried up! Guess what that s*** happens EVERY FREAKING DAY!!!!!!! So to those woman who want to judge other moms because they are not breastfeeding you should stop and tell yourself that first and for most it isn't none of your damn business and second tell yourself that maybe she just simply cant.

Diapers... Seriously I never in a million years would have ever thought that women would make such a big deal about diapers. Really??? In the end they are all good for one thing. PEE AND POOP!!! That's it. Its not like they have super powers they are diapers they cover your baby's butt that's it!!!
Now with that being said before I havdEviee I myself said that I wanted to try out cloth diapers. One because I'm kinda an all natural kinda of girl and disposable diapers have so many chemicals in them and two in the long run you will save some major $$$!!! But it was just something I never got around to really checking out before Eviee was born, so we do pampers. I love pampers. I love the smell of pampers. But I have to say that this last month I have met a group of ladies who do cloth diaper and one of them was so kind as to hand me one and say "go try it". So I did and I like them. Cant say I love them yet but I do like them. Then I really started looking into them and decided that I would give it a real shot! I ordered some and they should be here soon. So I will let you know how all that works out LOL.

Co-sleeping.... I never understood why people did this. I mean there was times that I couldn't stand people after they told me that they co-slept with their child. I was so judgemental about this subject. But truth be told Eviee is nine months old and she has been co-sleeping since she was five months old. Yep I said it. I miss judgemental me co-sleeps with my child. I never intended to do this. AT ALL! But it just kinda happened. Eviee came to bed one night to nurse and she ended up falling back asleep and me being the tried momma I was I left her there and instead of waking up again two hours later she slept through the night!!! Eviee had always been a great sleep but not like this. So one night turned in to two and two in to three and three into four months later.HA! Half the time she starts off in her crib and half the time she is just in our bed all night. But I co-sleep. And you know what I don't regret it. I myself do not get sleep once she is in our bed. I kinda end up at the bottom of the bed making sure that she has enough room and all and I never completely fall back asleep. Some babies just need to feel that warmth near them. I read a saying the other day about co-sleeping and it said "some babies are just like some adults, some simply can not be alone at night". Now I will say I do believe that if you never start then they will always sleep in their bed but once you do start good luck ever getting them out. LOL Would I not love for her to sleep in her own bed at night sure but she gets great sleep and mommy is just happy to have a sweet little baby to look at all night. Yes I am super woman. I live on maybe three hours of sleep a night! HAHA

Car Seats... It really doesn't matter. Yes I have my favorite brands as does everyone. But just because I buy the $500.00 car seat (just example) doesn't mean I expect the next person. Truth is they are all safe (as long as you buy the right kind for your child's age) or they wouldn't be in stores for you to buy. These things are tested out ya know!

Baby food... I started Eviee out on solids at almost 7 months old. We feed her only organic,but this does not mean that I think parents who start their baby's on food at four months or eleven months are crazy. I don't look at them any different. Momma knows her baby best! We choose organic but I don't expect nor do I think it is bad to give "normal" baby food.

Advice... It is quite simple... MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT THE HECK YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!! Just because you read some books doesn't make you an expert. And be careful how you tell your "advice" you may end up hurting someones feelings.

Like I said I used to judge so much it was just insane. Why I don't know. I definitely have no right. And I'm not saying that I don't ever judge I am human after all but I am trying to change this. I do not want my daughter growing up thinking it is ok to judge people just because they do not think or do the things she does. In the end we are all the same. In three years all us new moms are going to be worrying about is potty training not who breastfeed and who wore disposable diapers. In three years all that really is going to matter is the same thing that matters now, that we as mothers are doing the best we can and that our children are happy and healthy! So Ladies just try to stop and think before you automatically start judging another mother. You never know what could be going on that you cant see.

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