Saturday, June 16, 2012

11 months old


         11 months is here and will past with what will feel like at a blink of an eye.

Eviee  is weighing in at 21.6 lbs

Her hair is coming VERY SLOWLY but surely ;)

Eyes are gonna stay blue!!!!

She is eating solids five times a day. Three meals and two snacks.

We had been giving her big people food but she was having a lot of trouble sleeping at night so I took her back off of any and all big people food and shes back to sleeping...kinda

Sleeping was something Eviee was great at for the first several months of her life but these last five months haven't been the best. She is still waking up one to two times a night for a bottle. She is still going to sleep between 9-10 pm and for the most part wakes up at 9am. Still co-sleeping.

She is in between cloth diapers and disposable. I thought I liked the cloth diapers but now I'm kinda thinking maybe not.... LOL my mother is saying "I TOLD YOU SO" HA!

Sippy cup is going great!

Still taking bottles.

Still eating organic.

Totally in love with any kind of baby doll or stuff animal.

She also loves books.

Logan is the light in her eyes.

She is talking up a storm. Sean and I swear we have one smart kid! It  sounds like she is already saying "I love you momma" and this morning I told her to "tell Logan thank you" and SHE DID! I don't care what you say I know shes saying it LOL

She now has four teeth and more coming soon ;)

Still not walking nor trying but why would you when you can be carried around every where you go hehe

She plays peek-a-boo STINKIN CUTE!!!

Wearing 9-12 month clothes.

Size two shoes.

Her favorite toy right now is this little yellow baby doll that has wings. We call her bumble bee baby and Eviee will love all over that doll. So cute to hear her make the "aww" sound when holding that baby.

Pictures are getting difficult. She doesn't stay still for very long LOL

In less then a month we will be celebrating Eviee's first Birthday and I am in total shock. How is it even possible that I will have a one year old??? Well what I do know is that Eviee is my dream come true. She is all I have ever wanted. She is more then I could have ever dreamed. It amazes me how she gets cuter by the second. How I fall more in love with her by the second. How she has given me a feeling of complete. Happy 11 month birthday my Eviee Rae

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