Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cloth Diapers

Well as I mentioned before when I actually got a chance to "really" use cloth diapers I would let everyone know how I feel about them so here ya go....

I hate them.
I like them.
I dislike them.
But in the end I really really LOVE THEM!!!!


They are so much better for your baby.
They save you tons of money over the course of the time your baby will be in diapers.
They are really cute!
They are good for the environment. (not that I really care but)
Less diaper genie refills to buy LOL $ 7.99 each
They are easy!
They are cheap.
And kinda cornie but I feel kinda hip using them!!! LOL did I really just say hip??? Anyways.....


Poopie diapers SUCKS!!!!!
If you are traveling and she poops in one plastic bags of any kind in the heat, in the trunk of the car FREAKING SMELLS AWFUL!!! Must carry a wet/dry bag with you all the time.
You do have yucky diapers waiting around until wash day. Around our house wash day is everyday because my OCD cant handle them sitting around but most people only wash every two to three days.
If you know nothing about them it can be overwhelming.
They make your child's bottom half bigger so some clothes may not fit right.

So this what I have found out about cloth diapers so far. We are only into it three weeks and I still do not cloth diaper at night and honestly I try to not us CD if I know she is going to poop. (most of the time she goes same time everyday. MOST) Ha I'm sure you wanted to hear that LOL but all in all I really do like them. I like knowing that I am using something safe on her sweet little bottom and I also like knowing that I'm saving money. So far in this last three weeks between using CD and cloth wipes (most of the time) I have saved us about $90. Not to bad. In a years time I will have saved about $1248 (that is when I stop useing pampers 100%)

 Those of you who are expecting or even already have a child should really check into them. I still LOVE pampers but they are not second on my list. If you have any questions just ask me and I will tell you what I know.   :)

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