Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Perfect... I'm not

Today while reading some of the blogs I follow I noticed that quite a few of them were talking about aging. Then I ran across a good friends blog and she told me to blog this so here ya go... O and I hate talking about getting old. HA!!!!

So even though I do think I am pretty perfect like 99% of the time LOL JK I had to really stop and think about what I am SO NOT PERFECT about. Here are a few things.

  • I'm lazy. Simple as that. I never really used to be but after gaining all this extra weight over the last couple of years I really have gotten lazy. This makes me so sad cause I was always that overweight person that still really enjoyed life. I'm not saying I don't enjoy life now but I do find myself saying no or that can wait ALOT more then I ever would have. But this is something I am working on.
  • I'm not a size 2 and never will be. My goal weight is 125-135 lbs but I don't even know if that is possible. I always thought I had big bones but according to my doctor they are small but are they a size 2 small?????
  • My teeth are not perfectly together. Straight yes but after having wisdom teeth taken out they have been spreading. Guess ill be the 25 -26 year old with braces. DAMN IT!
  • I am not rich. And most likely never will be but as long as I have Sean and Eviee I am richer then most. :)
  • I judge people left and freaking right. Ive mentioned in a past blog that I am trying to change this and that I am but it is still something that is very hard to change but change I will.
  • I am not a very good step mom. I love them to death but being a step parent is hard as hell.
  • Sean wants one more baby (boy) and I really don't think I ever will want to have another child.
  • I can not spell worth a flip.
  • I don't have a College Degree
  • I don't have alot of friends these days well I don't know that I ever had alot of friends but Ive always had the ones that matter and they will always be in my life. Making new ones isn't something I care to do.
  • I am the worst baker you have ever met!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK well Katie this is what I could think of while Eviee was napping LOL thanks for making think about how not perfect I am. LOL!!!!!!!

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  1. Love it! and don't be so hard on yourself ;)