Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wonderful things are happening

So this last week has been really AMAZING!!!!!

  • Somebody I know got so GREAT news this week and I feel so blessed that she shared it with me :)
  • Sean is wanting to go back to college and we found out that the place he is currently working for recently partnered up with the college he was thinking about going to so we get a discount!!!
  • Eviee is saying alot more words!!!!
  • Eviee has been drinking milk from a sippy cup!
  • I just maybe will have wonderful news of my own come Monday morning.
  • My blog (YES THIS ONE) got picked up by Moms Meet this week!!! Super excited! Moms meet is partnered with Kiwi Magazine. Kiwi is a magazine for us Natural mommas. I will talk more about this in my next blog.
  • Ive lost three lbs just this week!!!!!!
  • Ive started working on Eviees room AGAIN!
There is more but I just can't tell you yet!!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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