Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Please don't let me forget

Here I am three days away from celebrating Eviee's first birthday and at this moment all I can think about are things I hope I never forget.
  • The sweet little smile she has on her face the moment her eyes open and she sees me
  • Her sweet soft little semi chubby cheeks :)
  • The little noises she makes when she is drifting of to sleep
  • How she points at everything and says "OOOOO"
  • How excited she gets when daddy gets home from work. She literally jumps out of my arms and into his.
  • The way she scrunches her nose when she laughs or smiles really big
  • Her chubby little fingers
  • When she gets a boo boo and I pick her up she gives me a kisses <3
  • How she has the absolute cutest damn giggle I have ever heard in my life. And she giggles at everything!
  • How totally in love with her brother she is. I have never seen love between a brother and sister like they have. ( I know they are both little but you can tell it is an ever lasting love)
  • The way she takes off scooting freaking fast across the hard wood floors the moment she hears the water running in the bathroom. She loves baths LOL
  • Just the way she scoots. Sean says she is the smartest baby alive because most babies crawl on all fours but not Eviee she scoots and you know why???? Because she wants to carry her baby dolls with her and if she crawl like other babies she wouldn't be able to carry her baby! HA!!! We have a smart baby!
  • The look she gets in her eyes when she sees me. Melt. My. Heart.
  • The way she loves people. All people. I don't know that she will ever meet a "stranger".
  • I hope I never forget the way it feels to hold her little body in my arms.
  • I hope I never forget what it feels like kissing those sweet little cheeks.
  • I hope I never forget what it feels like when she is hugging me tight.
  • But most of all I hope SHE never forgets that she is one loved baby. That she is the answer to my prayer. That she is the baby I have longed for, for so long. That she is my everything and I love her with everything I have.
In three days she will be one. It will be a very bittersweet day for me but I am looking forward to all the wonderful things life has to bring because I have Eviee. I love you my sweet princess.

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