Wednesday, July 25, 2012


  • Sean is off for the next four days and I can not be more trilled! He has been working non stop for weeks now so it will be nice to wake up to him in bed beside me for a few days! I <3 him
  • Tomorrow night I am having a MUCH NEEDED girls night out with my BFF. She has been on my mind for a few days so it will be nice to see her.
  • We are planning a trip to GA in the fall SO FREAKING EXCITED!
  • I am down 50 lbs!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I am so ready for skinny clothes and 6 inch heels.
  • Eviee is finally getting enough hair now to where is will stick up! SO CUTE!
  • I'm turning into an old lady :(  I'm having to wear glasses to read. Ive had them for two years now but am really having to wear them now.
  • After we get back from GA we will be on the car hunt! We really already know what we will get but were gonna check out a few other things just in case!
  • I am so beyond ready for the fall. I am not a 100 degree plus kinda girl.
  • I bought the cutest damn purse the other day at TJ Maxx! LOVE THE PLACE!
  • My blog is fixing to do an 180. I got picked up by Kiwi Mag and will be doing some post for them so I decided this would be a good time to "UP" my blog. Be on the look out for daily post about anything from food, family, friends, shopping, movies, travel, diy projects, and of course Eviee!
  • My sister has gotten me addicted to the books Fifty Shades of Grey. I just moved on to #2 and I'm telling you I don't want to put it down. "The Red Room" HUMMMMMMM lol jk!
  • I made a list of goals I wanted to accomplish before the end of the end of the year and I have to say that I am further along then I thought I would be.
I guess thats about it for now!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya'll have a good night. Laters Baby!

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