Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tidbits for Eviees big day

  • We are officially two days away from Eviee turning one
  • My emotions are going insane just thinking about the above
  • We went last night and had her one year pictures taken and we just might have thrown a few family ones in there :)
  • Besides deciding on party favors and one last present her party is all ready to go.
  • On Saturday morning we are taking Eviee on the train ride. I'm so excited. We wanted something that we could do with her every year (at least till she tells us she doesn't want to) and we thought that taking the train ride would be really fun .
  • I'm trying to decided what to make her for her birthday breakfast! LOL Gotta start the day off right!
  • O and Ive got to get her birthday banner done ASAP!
I guess that's really it I thought I had more to write but now I cant think LOL until Saturday!

                                 A little preview of last night!

A big thanks to my friend Atalie for doing her pictures!

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