Monday, August 20, 2012

So I was told today by a friend of mine that I have disappeared! Im usually good at mia. But I am here and still alive.

Today was a exciting and a stressful day. We are shopping for a new vehicle. Let me tell you that isn't something you want to plan to do in one day or with a one year old. Eviee is a great baby but after hours and hours of shopping around a girl gets tried ya know???? LOL Poor thing. I felt so bad after we got done. I should have had a babysitter today but I just like to have my girl with me :)

Anyways we made it though the day and finally found "THE CAR". FYI I don't care if its a truck car SUV they are all cars to me just like Dr Pepper Pepsi and Coke are all COKE ya'll need to get that right. I hate the word "soda" or "pop".

Ok so anyways we are going tomorrow morning to sign on the X! YIKES!!! I have never had a car this nice and for sure have never paid that much for ANYTHING!!!!!

We are buying a 2011 Nissan Armada!!! My dream car. I have been eyeing this for years and can not wait to drive it off that parking lot!!!!!!

Eviee is now 13 months and 1 week old!

She is finally standing on her own.

Not walking but I told Sean the other day I kinda hope that's months down the road. I want to keep her little as long as I can. :)

There has been alot of talk lately that I am pregnant.... well..... I'M NOT!!!!!

But there may or may not have been some talk around here about having a second child. But I'm not gonna tell you ha!

I am looking so forward to being skinny and getting out all my high heels and dressing like a little slut (when I don't have Eviee) YES you read right. Slut!!!! HAHA  Tight fitting showing to much slutty clothes!  HAHAHA I'm not joking just wait and see. So anyways a big baby belly doesn't fit into that right now so.....

Well it is bath time so to my friend I hope this will work for ya until I get some real time to write and I will/need to do my best at posting everyday but Eviee keeps me busy.LOL I'm glad we got to caught up a little today!

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