Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some things im working on...

There are some many projects I want to get start/finished and the sooner the better like....

  • Finish decorating Eviee's room along with ours
  • O and add living room to that as well ( we got side tracked with having our baby)
  • Put together my healthy cook book (more on this below)
  • Once binder/cook book is put together I really want to start making everything from starch.
  • Make Eviee some bows to go along with some of her new fall/winter outfits.
  • I have already started Christmas shopping but need to keep going.Yes you should be jealous.
  • Getting Sean enrolled in online classes so we can get our butts back to Tulsa, OK!!!!
  • I'm thinking about getting more blond put in my hair????
  • Organizing everything for this big kids sale we have down here.

That's my short list of things I'm working on.

The cook book is just a bunch of healthy recipes I think Sean and I will like but also I approve of Eviee eating too. I will not be that mom that makes everybody something different to eat. The book has all kinds of recipes. Breakfast,lunch,Dinner,snacks and so on. Seriously people there are other things to feed your kids beside sugar cereal and chicken nuggets Get up earlier or rather off your lazy butt and make you kid a healthy meal! It'll be good for you too :)
Once I get this all together I will start sharing our meals!!!!

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