Monday, August 6, 2012

Well it seems like it has been forever since I posted anything. Ok well not FOREVER but forever. Not alot has been going on. The temp here is just INSANE so Eviee and I try our best to stay at home as much as we can. But we have to get out today. We are in need of a baby gate BAD!!! Eviee loves to be in the kitchen (ha like her mommy and daddy) and she likes to open up the cabinets. I gave one that is full of tuber ware hoping that would keep her out of all the other ones but it hasn't.

Since we are renting this house I do not want to install all those dang hooks.You know the ones you out in side of the doors that you have to push down on to get them opened. Yea I hate those damn things and just think it would be best to just close off the whole kitchen. So that's what we are doing today.

Last week I started watching this little 4 month old. She is so cute TONS of hair. I cant help but play with it all day. Come on Eviee grow some hair!!!!! Anyways I just keep her two days a week. I really didn't want to watch another child but I do want Eviee to have someone to play with. I know they cant play together now but in a few months they will be able to interact more.

On that note I'm still kinda thinking about setting up my own play group. That way if I don't like the people who show up I can tell them to leave LOL. Gosh I'm really not a people person.

We are getting more and more excited about going on Vacation in October. We are going to Savannah GA. I have always wanted to go. And Sean kinda let me pick where we would go this time. Ok well we decided it together but he asked me where I wanted to go so..... He's a great man!!!! Speeching of the trip I have got to buy a smaller stroller. Our is HUGH!!!! I bought a jogging stroller because I want to start jogging (i know same story still not getting off my butt and doing it) but anyways its just way to big and takes up the whole trunk of the car so we MUST buy a smaller one before then.  Waiting on the kids sale maybe Ill get lucky and find one then.

Eviee is finally (kinda) standing on her own. This child... She was always at least two months ahead on reaching her milestones until.... she has no desire to stand or walk LET ME TELL YOU. She will walk as long you are holding her hands but the second you let go she sits down.

She is climbing on EVERYTHING!!!

I think we finally have a bedtime routine set up and it seems to be working wonderfully.

Sean is working like crazy. I miss him so much while he is gone.

Sadly I have no progress to mention on my weight loss. Ive really been thinking about getting a gym membership and having a trainer work my butt off but...... I hate people.. Not all I love you for reading this but people I don't know I don't really like :(

Anyways thats all I got my noodle is waking up. Ya'll have a good day.

P.S. no time to proof read so just act like I did good!

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