Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fun things happening this week

  • Today (Tuesday) the weather was so nice I took Eviee to the park to play for the first time!!! So exciting!!! She still isn't walking on her own but she held my hand and walked the heck out of that park. She loved sliding down the slide!
  • Tomorrow night we have my step kids. We get them every Wednesday. We love seeing them and I love seeing them with Eviee and Eviee with them. She thinks they are just awesome especially her brother! They are best buds.
  • Thursday is Joanna's birthday. We will not see her Thursday I don't think but we will celebrate on Friday as it is our weekend with them.
  • Then Saturday morning Sean's work is sponsoring us along with other employees and family to walk for The Susan G. Coleman Foundation. I'm very excited about this. Sean and I have wanted to do something like this for a long time now . Everybody will be wearing pink shirts and HAHA pink hard hats. (my husband works for a steel mill so) anyways I'm not loving the hat things but I am excited. We are making all of the kiddos come too. I think it would be good for them. Pictures to come. 
  • After our walk is the annual family picnic that Sean's company holds every year. I have been to about 20 or more of these. My dad worked for the same company for over 22 years. The serve all kinds of good food that I wont/shouldn't eat. ;) They have tons and tons of games and things for the kids to do and my all time favorite is BINGO!!!! Call me an old lady but man they give away freaking 70 inch flat screen TVs among other great things so this momma will be sending both little red heads off to play with daddy while I play bingo!
  • Saturday night my family is coming over to visit and eat. Love having them over.
  • Then Sunday Sean's back to work and I think Eviee and I may drive up and see my parents. They are some camping fools let me tell you. They are camping with my grandparents and since it will be their last day there and no one will try and convince me to stay the night we're gonna go visit! Maybe :) 

That's all I have folks hope your week is going well!!!!! Two post in one day! Im getting good! LOL

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