Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lap Band

I recently posted that I have been having a lot of problems with my lap band. I thought now would be a good time to write about since I'm wide awake and Eviee is still sleeping.

I have had my band for five and a half months now. I am down 45 lbs. (by the way I think I put 50lbs on fb maybe not? But if so that was a type-o). So 45 lbs and I am embarrassed to say that it is all thanks to the band. I mean I do eat pretty healthy but I have my days like any body else. I hate to say that I didn't put anything in to loosing the weight because all I have said was that I wasn't going to use this as a easy way out but I have.

I intended on getting the band and as soon as I was able I going to start exercising but it just never really happened. Here's my excuses for why I ha vent been exercising....
  • Eviee is awake from 430-500am every morning (this is very rare for her to be sleeping still)
  • I do not get much sleep at night so waking up earlier then her is not something I want to do
  • Its been to hot out during the day for my little red head. (you know the burn easy)
  • I'm too embarrassed to go "workout" outside or in a gym in front of alot of "fit" people watching me.
  • I have other things that I need to get done.
  • I keep saying when I loose another 20 lbs

The list goes on and on.

Some of the problems I have been having with the band are.
  • I throw up if I eat one bite to many. (this is a new thing)
  • If I eat even one bite of bread or pasta I am in dying pain because it gets stuck at the "new" opening of my stomach. Dying pain as in what I think a heart attack would feel like! NO LIE!
  • I have random pains where my port is (port-where my dr sticks the needle to fill my band)
  • My port is sitting right under the first few layers of skin so it makes it hard to sleep on my stomach (I'm a stomach sleeper by the way)

This is some if the things that I'm willing to share with the public. LOL some you wouldn't want to know.

The list of problems may not sound to bad to you but I have to live with them daily. Some things can be avoided if I would just stop acting like a child and stop eating it. Like bread and pasta. Sure I wouldn't die from not eating them and trust me I don't eat them often but every once in awhile I try and take a little bite and BAMMMMM dying pain. The pain last for any where from 10 mins to hours. One day I will learn I guess. But really I have been doing alot better with not eating something I know I shouldn't.

I don't only get dying pain from eating breads or pastas. Somethings a banana or yogurt does it too. Sometimes even just drinking water. I never know when its going to happen and when it does all I can do is ride it out and try to hold back the tears.

In the beginning I didn't throw up at all but this last two months I throw up alot. I HATE HATE HATE to get sick!

I haven't seen my dr in over two months. I just haven't wanted to go. He always tells me "some people have problems and some people don't". I got sick of hearing this so I just stopped going. But that hasn't gotten me anywhere. I haven't lost much weight in the last two months. I need another fill. So I called his office yesterday and I go in October for another fill at which time I am going to beg him to see me every two weeks from then on out until the band is as full as it will go. I need to speed this weight lose up. At which time I will try to keep my goal weight up for six months and if I do then I may have it removed. I am only 25 years old and I do not wish to live in pain for the rest of my life.

In the mean time I am waiting for Eviee to wake up. I am going to feed her breakfast and then we are going to meet my sister to start our daily walking. Tonight when Sean gets home we are going to put in 30 day shred and I am going to do my best to "add" to my weight lose. Wish me luck and I will try my best to stop being lazy. I did this for myself but more for Eviee. I have to change!!!!!!!!!!!

 Ok well starch that my sister just text me and one of the kids is sick so Eviee and I are on our own. But we can do this! Hope everybody have a wonderful Tuesday!

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