Monday, September 3, 2012

Nine days

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I never got around to it.
P.S. its very long sorry.

This last nine days have been emtional to say the least. My poor little noodle has been very sick.

It all started last Wednesday night around 7 pm. She started running a low grade fever and didnt want to eat or drink. This lasted until Saturday. By 7pm Saturday night Eviee has only had 3 oz of liquids. She had only one wet diaper all day and honestly it wasnt that wet. By this time she was close to being put into the hospial if we did not get her to drink. I stayed up all night waiting for her to make any kind of move and when she did I put the bottle to her mouth. Over the course of the night I managed to get her to drink 6oz. And by 7am Sunday morning she finally had a wet diaper.

She woke up Sunday morning still with a low grade fever but she started drinking good and even eating a little. The rest of Sunday and all day Monday she was basicly back to her normal self. I did not take her to the doctor because I was sure it was just teeth as her fever never got over 100.7.

But the Tuesday morning she woke up with 102.7 fever and refused to eat or drink anything. We went to see the Doctor. He said that he ear was a little red and that her throat was a little red most likey due to "teething". But he went ahead a gave us antiboioic because Eviee is pron to ear infections when she gets new teeth in. We left happy that she would be better soon.

By Wedensday morning she was worst. Mind you she had already had two doses of meds. She woke up at 5am with 103.9 fever! I flipped! Screamed at Sean to wake up and by the time he came to her room I was already taking her clothes off of her trying to get her body to cool down.
I tried to call the after hours but was just pissed that NO ONE was picking up so I called my mom. She of course was fast asleep and thought I said Eviee was running 104.9 and yelled at me to get her to the ER NOW!!! I lost it! I just started balling. A few mintues later she woke up enough to remind me that until it gets to 105 there is no need to freak out. So I calmed down gave her some meds and about hour later her fever started to go down. She fell asleep for about three hours fever never really broke and by 10:30am her fever was now up to 104!!!! I called the doctor. And was then told that I MUST give her meds 72 hours to work on her "ear infection" HELLO her ear wasnt even that red! I was so freaking pissed and made sure that damn nurse knew it!

All day and night Wednesday we just watched her like a hawk. The doctor did comfrim what my mother had said about waiting until her fever  gets to 105 before flipping out so I did feel a little better. But her fever never went below 101.7 even after Motrin. All day and night it just jumped up and down but never fully broke.

Thursday morning it was just Eviee and I. Sean had to go back to work.Eviee woke up about 7am and I gave her dose 3 of her antiboioics. Fever still pretty high. She was only awake for about an hour and then fell back asleep. We she finally woke up I tried offered her some yogurt. (this is about all she had been eating since she got sick).She took a few bites. I got her down and about ten minutes later I noticed that her lips were turning blue and she was shaking.  I called the doctors office and demanded they see her again or I would be taking her to the ER NOW! I got off the phone with them and called Sean at work and told him to get home NOW! But as soon as her lips turned blue and she started shaking she stopped. I called Sean back and told him to mee me at home because someone had to ride in the back with her to the doctor.

Sean got home and he and I agreed that they would draw blood and see what was going on and if our doctor would not do it then we would take her somewhere else.  I knew this was no ear infection.

We get to the office and no surpise to me she had lost weight. Ya know that happens when you havent really ate or drank in DAYS! Our doctor said that the meds were working because her ear was no longer red at all but that he was worried she had a GI infection. So thankfully he sent us for blood work. I didnt want to have to kick an old man ass!!!!  For those that dont know I used to draw blood for a living and I was fully prepared to tell these people how to take care of my baby. Lucky for them they knew what they were doing. Of course she cried during but the second they pulled out the needle she stopped.

So we left the hospital after getting blood drawn and were headed home to wait for the results. Now being the person I am I always think the worst. Im not going to say what I was thinking but after 8 days of diarrhea 6 days of fever (HIGH FEVERS)  (we had two days without one right in the middle) and not eating or drinking much at all, not sleeping for Eviee and mommy (MOMMY LESS) I was seriously thinking the worst.

500pm on the dot the office called to say that she has a bacterial infection. They said that she could have got it from any where. That these are actually pretty common and that they would change her anitbioics and she should be feeling better in the next day or so.

So Thursday night we felt better knowing that we NOW had a more logical explanation for the high fevers and diarrhea. Sean went to bed I joined knowing I would not sleep but hoping Eviee would get some praying that she would wake up at least a little better in the moring.

Friday morning. 5:00am Eviees shaking and lips are blue again. I had just checked her temp. 102.7. Picked her up because it was time for more Motrin. We headed to the kitchen when she started. I started crying begging Sean to tell me what was wrong.Why was she doing that. (I had mentioned this to the doctor but did not get an answer and was more worried about getting blood drawn to keep thinking about it I guess) Next thing I know she has stopped shaking and her lips were her perfect shade of pink again. I took her back to bed to let her sleep but I couldnt put her down. I just held her crying silently praying to God to please heal my baby. Give it to me if someone must have it not her. Shes too little. Please let the meds work on her. Please dont let it be something else. Lord please please Lord heal her little body.
All the strengh I had was gone. These last nine days have been the harders days of my life. Having your child so sick and not being able to comfort them or make them better. The feeling that you are totally helpless. My worrying about all the meds she has had in the last nine days (i am anti meds) worrying about what the fever she has carried for days is doing to her body. Fighting with her to drinking or at time having to force her to drink because I didnt not want her in the hospital. Having no sleep because I felt like I had to watch over her at all times, check her fever every 20 mintures because it seriously kept going up and down. Those nine days were HELL!
Sean stayed home with me Friday. He said he could see the fear in my eyes. He said that Eviee needed her mommy but that I needed help. Ha he said he would do whatever I needed hime to do even if it was just holding Eviee while I peed! Well thanks honey but by day nine of this shit I have fully mastered how to pee and hold a 13 month old all at the same time. (dont judge me you just wait until your baby gets sick, I was not about to put her down to cry just so I could relieve myself, I agree really nasty but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do). By 11am her fever had gone up to 104.5. After a few mintues of freaking out we striped her clothes off and within 20 minutes it was back down.  The rest of the day just played out like the last few. We headed to bed and set my alarm to go off every hour in case I happened to fall asleep or if nothing else to remind me to check her temp because she had one at 6pm so by about 11pm she would be running one again.

Saturday moring Sean got up to head to work. He asked me how her fever did through the night. With a smile on my face I told him she didnt have one! Fianlly after days and days it had finally broke. And I am happy to say that she still  fever free. She woke up ready to eat whatever momma gave her which was nice considering she only been eating yogurt well she did have my subway sandwhich last night LOL and besides catching up on her sleep she seems to be back to her normal sweet funny happy HEALTHY girl!

Thank you to everyone that prayed for Eviee.

Sorry for the long post.

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