Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend equals wonderful

This weekend was absolutely wonderful!

Friday night we celebrated my step daughters birthday. We had a BBQ and I made chocolate cupcakes with mocha icing! O yea they were amazing!!!!
Joanna just turned 13 and she is our coffee holic. Up until about two months ago I wouldn't let them drink it simply because I feel they are too young for it. But after alot of begging from the girls we decided that they could have one cup in the morning with us but that was it.  Made them happy and this step momma got some major points ;)
We ended up getting her The Hunger Games Movie, a really cute razorback loofah and some crazy socks which she loves! Speeching of socks have y'all noticed how these kids are wearing miss match socks??? Totally drives me INSANE!!!!

Saturday we all woke early and went to "Paint the park pink" and guess what??? I forgot to take a picture of us looking O so NOT great in the ugly pink shirts and pink hard hats! Damn I'm so sad. LOL Anyways there were TONS of freaking people there, more then I really thought there would be but we had fun and I'm so glad all the kids were there to support a good cause with us. Sean and I are looking forward to doing many more walks and hey maybe one day a run????? We'll see.

After the picnic we headed over to Sean's family picnic. The kids play tons of games and rode rides and I, I played bingo and yet another year has gone by and I did not win ANYTHING! Kinda pissed about this but whatever.

That night my sister and her family came over and we visited and had dinner. I always love getting the family together. Just wish I had a bigger house but we always make it work!

Sunday Sean went back to work. The two older girls slept till 11 am but Eviee Logan and me were up nice and early. We hung out in my bed watching cartoons. I think Eviee was very happy with this since I have been limiting the amount of TV she watches lately.  It was fun having two kiddos cuddled up in bed with me.  That afternoon we headed to the mall for some lunch and a little shopping. This was the first time I have ever had all the kiddos by myself and it was really nice.

The weekend was over way to fast but I am looking forward to next week!!!! Hope y'all had a good weekend as well.

(ps for those of you wondering why I haven't posted many pictures lately I've been to busy to save them to the computer. But I intend on getting them all up for a big photo dump next week.)

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