Monday, September 3, 2012

Whats on the list to-do's

  • Really start Christmas shoppig. (I always start early and am happy to say I already have 4 presents)
  • Find Eviee some Really good Organic Vitamins
  • Take my Armada back to the dealership to have some things fixed (head light and door) :(
  • Take a "mini road trip" with ALL THE KIDS (am I crazy???? YES!!!!)
  • Get my dang lawn guy out here. Its starting to look like a jungle out here.
  • Ive got to go see my Lap Band DR. Its been over two months. "SIGN"
  • My mom and JoAnnas birthdays are coming up. And I have no idea what to get them.
  • Find a new stroller for the Armada. (KIDS SALE PLEASE COME THROUGH)
  • But another car seat so Sean's car has one.
  • Finish my darn cookbook!!!!
  • Win the lottery. ( But if I do im not sharing just so you know) LOL TRUE!
  • Loose 36 more lbs by the end of December to reach my 80lb goal for the end of the year.
  • Have a girls day with my sisters and the little girls (maybe this weekend)

Well that it. Exciting huh??? LOL

Two post in one day. WTH?????

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