Sunday, October 28, 2012

New House

Ok so this is the low down on the new house.

It is currently my MIL house. She is wanting to down size and since we decided we would stay here for another three or four years (four now) we need more room! We out grew our current house like six months ago so... We decided to take it over! The house would list for about $175,000 if she was to put it up for sale. The thing is that she doesn't owe much on it and it is already written in her "Will" to be left to Sean so we just thought we would take it over now!!!!!!

We are very excited!!!!

The house is only about 12 years old I think. So it's in really great shape it just needs some updating! So for the next four years that's what we are going to do that way when we are ready to move back to Tulsa or wherever (I would move anywhere) we can sell it for a VERY GOOD PROFIT! (at least that's the plan) And if it doesn't sell right a way its not a big deal cause we will/should have it paid off by then!!!

Can you even believe it??? I mean who gets the chance like this.

We are now on the count down. We move in a matter of weeks. Like 5 of 6!!!! Time to get packing!!!! And shopping :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Five years of pure bliss

Five years ago today Sean and I went out on our first date. He took me to Lins Garden because he knew I loved Chinese Food and I hadn't been there. Sean was so nervous that he couldn't even eat. HA! I was nervous too but all those butterflies went away shortly after we got in the car to head to Lins. Sean has this way of making people around him feel so comfortable. I'm not even sure if he knows that or not but he does. Anyways my butterflies settled down and let me enjoy my dinner and company :) Sean on the other hand lets just say that was the one and only time I didn't see him eat when we've gone out LOL! (Poor Guy)

We have been through a lot together. We've seen each other through the worst times and the best. We have had lots of ups and downs but the ups out weigh the downs a thousand times over. We have not had a picture perfect relationship but its been perfect for us.

We each had a past. (neither side to lovely) We know that our past is what has made us who we are and even though I know we both would have loved to not gone through some of the things we did neither one of us would change it. Had we not gone through some of those things we my not be sitting here today celebrating five years together.

We are honest with each other 100%. At the end of the day we knew that we love each more then anything and being honest is the only way to have a healthy relationship.

Sean is my better half. Its kinda corny but he really does make me want to be a better person.

December 12 we will celebrate our third wedding anniversary. It is true what they say... Marry your best friend. I have never been more happy then I have these last five years. Sean is my soul mate. Mo anam cara.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My heart goes out

Loosing your child in any way is something I do not wish upon anyone. Weather the woman is 5 weeks along or the child is 5 years old it is something no parent should ever have to experience.

My heart to aching this week for two families I know who had to say good bye to their child before they even had a chance to meet them. I know how this feels all to well and my heart is going out to them.

I wish there was something I could do to make this easier on them but the truth is there is nothing you can do and nothing that you can say to make it better.

I just hope that everyone who has a child knows what a miracle they are. Weather you have one child or 10 they are all a blessing. Make sure you tell them and show them everyday how much you love them because you never know when you will have to say good bye.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In case you wanted to know

  • Something amazing happened yesterday.  I fit into two pairs of jeans that I have not worn in over two years and I didn't even have to dance to get into them! HAHAHA SO HAPPY!
  • I rode a bike last night. I have no idea when the last time I rode a bike was but it was pretty fun. Sean is wanting to buy me one so that we can put one of those baby seats on it and go riding as a family??? Humm we shall see.
  • Sean says I'm in pre hibernation mode. (sick season is near so that means Eviee and I will be spending 99% of our time at home).
  • The older kids are driving my nuts with wanting another baby. I swear every time they are hear we have at least an hour long talk about EACH DAY!!!!
  • My house looks like I run a small daycare. TOYS ARE EVERYWHERE and I wouldn't change it for the world :)
  • My house smells like I have apple cider cooking in the crock pot. I LOVE SCENTY!
  • Speeching of Apple cider. I freaking love it! Apple cider is to me what chicken noodle soup is to others. <3
  • I need to buy a new rug for my living room ASAP!
  • Sean is back at work today. SAD DAY :(
  • Ive started "our plan". You know the one you make when there is something big you want to do. Our plan- Moving back to Tulsa! Thank goodness I have some great friends up there to help me out!!!! Miss you guys so much I am so ready to be back home!
  • Eviee is going to be 15 months old in less then a week. CRAZY!
Well I guess thats enough info for one day! 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vacation Week

This week Sean is on Vacation. Yes I know we were supposed to be in GA but we decided it just wasn't the right time.

Monday Sean and I took Eviee to Tulsa. We love Tulsa so much and miss living there but we visit as often as we can. We usually try and meet up with friends while we're there but this time we just hung out be our shelves which was really nice.

When we got there we stopped and had lunch at one of our favorite spots then headed to the zoo. Eviee liked it for the most part but I don't think she'll be visiting the Rain Forest anytime soon. (LOL) Poor thing the second we walked in the door she started "telling" us she was not loving it and she wanted out. She didn't scream or really even cry but she was not happy. Other then that as long as we didn't get her to close to the animal's she was happy. It was the perfect day for the zoo and I can't wait for our next visit.

The rest of the week we have just spent alot of time being together and outside. I think we went to the park at least twice, we even visited the library! But the week also held some not so fun things like Eviee has double ear infections AGAIN! She always gets them when she is getting new teeth in. Thankfully her Doctor says it normal. Ive been worried they would want to put tubes in but its normal THANK GOODNESS. I also made a visit to my Doctor this week which lead me to wearing a heart monitor for A MONTH!!!! I'll write more on this later if something turns out but right now I'm ok  just walking around looking like a sickly person with wires hanging from me. LOL

Friday we got Sean's kids with the plan to cross off a few things from our fall bucket list.
  • Visit Pumpkin Patch
  • Go through a corn maze
  • Go on a hay ride
  • make fall cookies
  • have fancy coffee drinks

We had a lot of fun and I am already excited for next weekend to cross off a few more.

Sean's vacation is coming to an end. I am not happy but I guess it has to end sometime. I have enjoyed spending every second with him and I know Eviee has too. We don't get to see him much due to work so it is always nice to have him home with us.