Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In case you wanted to know

  • Something amazing happened yesterday.  I fit into two pairs of jeans that I have not worn in over two years and I didn't even have to dance to get into them! HAHAHA SO HAPPY!
  • I rode a bike last night. I have no idea when the last time I rode a bike was but it was pretty fun. Sean is wanting to buy me one so that we can put one of those baby seats on it and go riding as a family??? Humm we shall see.
  • Sean says I'm in pre hibernation mode. (sick season is near so that means Eviee and I will be spending 99% of our time at home).
  • The older kids are driving my nuts with wanting another baby. I swear every time they are hear we have at least an hour long talk about EACH DAY!!!!
  • My house looks like I run a small daycare. TOYS ARE EVERYWHERE and I wouldn't change it for the world :)
  • My house smells like I have apple cider cooking in the crock pot. I LOVE SCENTY!
  • Speeching of Apple cider. I freaking love it! Apple cider is to me what chicken noodle soup is to others. <3
  • I need to buy a new rug for my living room ASAP!
  • Sean is back at work today. SAD DAY :(
  • Ive started "our plan". You know the one you make when there is something big you want to do. Our plan- Moving back to Tulsa! Thank goodness I have some great friends up there to help me out!!!! Miss you guys so much I am so ready to be back home!
  • Eviee is going to be 15 months old in less then a week. CRAZY!
Well I guess thats enough info for one day! 

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