Sunday, October 28, 2012

New House

Ok so this is the low down on the new house.

It is currently my MIL house. She is wanting to down size and since we decided we would stay here for another three or four years (four now) we need more room! We out grew our current house like six months ago so... We decided to take it over! The house would list for about $175,000 if she was to put it up for sale. The thing is that she doesn't owe much on it and it is already written in her "Will" to be left to Sean so we just thought we would take it over now!!!!!!

We are very excited!!!!

The house is only about 12 years old I think. So it's in really great shape it just needs some updating! So for the next four years that's what we are going to do that way when we are ready to move back to Tulsa or wherever (I would move anywhere) we can sell it for a VERY GOOD PROFIT! (at least that's the plan) And if it doesn't sell right a way its not a big deal cause we will/should have it paid off by then!!!

Can you even believe it??? I mean who gets the chance like this.

We are now on the count down. We move in a matter of weeks. Like 5 of 6!!!! Time to get packing!!!! And shopping :)

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