Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vacation Week

This week Sean is on Vacation. Yes I know we were supposed to be in GA but we decided it just wasn't the right time.

Monday Sean and I took Eviee to Tulsa. We love Tulsa so much and miss living there but we visit as often as we can. We usually try and meet up with friends while we're there but this time we just hung out be our shelves which was really nice.

When we got there we stopped and had lunch at one of our favorite spots then headed to the zoo. Eviee liked it for the most part but I don't think she'll be visiting the Rain Forest anytime soon. (LOL) Poor thing the second we walked in the door she started "telling" us she was not loving it and she wanted out. She didn't scream or really even cry but she was not happy. Other then that as long as we didn't get her to close to the animal's she was happy. It was the perfect day for the zoo and I can't wait for our next visit.

The rest of the week we have just spent alot of time being together and outside. I think we went to the park at least twice, we even visited the library! But the week also held some not so fun things like Eviee has double ear infections AGAIN! She always gets them when she is getting new teeth in. Thankfully her Doctor says it normal. Ive been worried they would want to put tubes in but its normal THANK GOODNESS. I also made a visit to my Doctor this week which lead me to wearing a heart monitor for A MONTH!!!! I'll write more on this later if something turns out but right now I'm ok  just walking around looking like a sickly person with wires hanging from me. LOL

Friday we got Sean's kids with the plan to cross off a few things from our fall bucket list.
  • Visit Pumpkin Patch
  • Go through a corn maze
  • Go on a hay ride
  • make fall cookies
  • have fancy coffee drinks

We had a lot of fun and I am already excited for next weekend to cross off a few more.

Sean's vacation is coming to an end. I am not happy but I guess it has to end sometime. I have enjoyed spending every second with him and I know Eviee has too. We don't get to see him much due to work so it is always nice to have him home with us.  

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