Thursday, November 29, 2012


We had a great Thanksgiving. We went to my mother in laws, my moms, and my dads. Lets just say that Sean and I both are looking forward to next year and having Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house again. Neither one of us like going place to place.

We tried to take some family pictures for our Christmas cards but they did not turn out the way I wanted so who knows you may just get a card with Eviee on it! LOL no really :)

Eviee is getting so big. Talking like crazy. Every day she says a new word. She now has ten teeth and two more on the way. She really is my little sunshine. Never thought I could be so in love with someone. <3

We did get out tree up at the new house this week. (that's the good thing with moving into your mil house LOL) and I even got some presents under the tree. Unfortunately the tree and stockings will probably be the only decorations we get up this year but I'm ok with that.

The count down is officially on. We only have 10 days until we "really" move. I have already been moving things over but we still have alot more to go.

Ive been walking four miles about four days a week and I can tell it is working. Inches are flying off. Now if I can just keep it up through the winter.

My lap band is actually doing ok this week. I think I may have finally found the secret to eating with this dang thing.

Speeching of I am down 57 lbs. I do not think I will make my goal of 80 by the end of the year but...

We may or may not be adding another member to our family!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


My little noodle is getting so big and learning so much right now. I know I say it all the time but I wish time would slow down just a bit! Here's an update on what she's been up too lately.
  • She is 6 days a way from being 16 months old.
  • Walking!!!!! (almost running)
  • Drinks only from a sippy cup
  • She now knows how to climb out of her crib and can do it in a matter of seconds. She will be in a toddler bed as soon as we get to the new house.
  • Talking like crazy. She is also already putting two words together like the other day we went to see Nana and she said "the dogs" and she always is saying "whats this" LOL I love hearing her talk!!!
  • She has been feeding herself for some time now but we started giving her a spoon or fork and shes actually really good with it!!!!
  • Loves to be outside and gets so upset when you bring her back in.
  • Wearing anywhere from 6 months clothing up to about 18 months but they are still really big.
  • She weighs 23.4 lbs
  • Is 28 inches long
  • Can tell/show you where her hair, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, belly, and toes are.
  • She still loves books and loves to sit in my lap while I read to her.
  • We still rock her to sleep
  • We did turn her car seat around in the Armada the other day! She is a lot happier girl now that she where we are going instead where we have been LOL.
  • Still eating mostly organic
  • Still only drinking unsweetened organic soy milk and water.
  • Still can not tolerate cows milk
  • She has whats called chronic hives so she is always breaking out. What sucks about this is that we never know if its from something or just the hives. We will go back and see the allergists in a couple of months.
  • She is the biggest mommas girl!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • She loves leaves right now. They are falling off the trees and anytime she is outside she grabs a handful of them.
  • Loves going down the slides at the park.
  • Loves to swing.
  • Still loves taking baths
  • Doesn't like to brush her teeth. Poor thing I just keep telling her we don't want to be like those other kids with silver all over our teeth!
  • Favorite thing to eat right now is Strawberries and blueberries.
Eviee is getting big so fast. Sometimes I have to remind myself the dishes can wait, go play with her. I love to have clean house and honestly can't stand a dirty one but for the last several months my house has seen dirty A LOT! My little girl is so much more important then the sink full of dishes. They can wait but she isn't going to stop growing. Every minute it seems like she is learning something new and I refuse to miss anything. I honestly will never be able to thank Sean enough for working so hard so that I can be home with her everyday. I will never get this chance again. She will never be 15 months and learning where her toes are again so I'm going to sit on the floor every day with her. I'm going to read her as many books as she wants me or will let me read to her while she is sitting in my lap. I'm gonna take her outside and watch her smile when she bins down to feel the grass and you better believe that I'm gonna have my camera going ninety to nothing capturing all of those memories because its never going to happen for the first time again.  I was lucky enough to be there for alot of other kids when their parents couldn't be. I have seen so many other peoples kids do things for the first time and it was so special but now I am blessed to be able to see my child's first. I know I will not always get to see all of those first but I'm gonna do my best to see the ones that matter most.

Eviee you still make me cry every day. I am so proud you are my daughter. You are so smart, so sweet, and you always having me laughing. You are the funniest little girl. Grandma says daddy and I are still in "aww" over you like we were the day you were born. I wanted to be a mommy my whole life so yes I waited for you for a long time and I will always be in "aww" over you. You are my baby girl, my noodle and I love you more then words can express.
I should also add that is it almost impossible to get a good picture of her now that she is walking!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day to Vote

Well today was the "BIG" day. Yep voting day. And HELL NO I didn't vote. I have never voted and most likely will never vote. I really just could care less. Is that bad??? I mean I guess I should care about who is going to be running our country but honestly I just don't. And you will not hear me bitching about who won tonight or what he's going to do over the next four years.
(p.s. if you did not vote then you have NO FREAKING right to complain) (DAD)

People its time to get back to your normal life and stop blowing up my FB with your stupid political stats!

Have a happy night!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

To finish or not to finish

I find it funny when you try your hardest no think about something or someone you end up thinking about it or them All. Day. Long.

Why is this I wonder???

My sister and I got to talking about some people and things  in the past and for the last two days that is all I can think about. She says it is because we have unfinished business with them.

Unfinished business huh???? To finish or not to finish????

Thursday, November 1, 2012

2nd Halloween

Did Eviee really just celebrate her 2nd Halloween??? How is that even possible??? Time these days. When I was a kid it felt like time stood still when I wanted it to speed up and now I want it to stand still when it is speeding by..... anyway
So Halloween has come and gone and soon it will be Thanksgiving so here is a recap of our Halloween... We did not do a custom this year. (I don't even want to hear it)
We spent the day just hanging around the house. Eviee's little friend Lilah was here and my sister and dad came to visit us.
Eviee was being really silly showing everyone that not only is she walking now but she can also walk in circles LOL
Still a little off balance but shes doing GREAT!
            Seriously it doesn't get any cuter then that!!!!!!!
                              I love her pumpkin shirt!
She was pretty proud of herself for finding the trick or treat candy can't ya tell???
And this is what she did the rest of the night! Watching out for more trick or treaters!!!!
Winking at mommy ;)
Eviee really loves kids, of all ages and she got REALLY upset every time the trick or treaters left. She didn't understand why she didn't get to go with them. But over all I think she really had a good Halloween. I know Sean and I enjoy watching her get all excited every time kids would come up. She is so fun at this age! A few years down the road we may be trick or treating at your door ;)