Thursday, November 1, 2012

2nd Halloween

Did Eviee really just celebrate her 2nd Halloween??? How is that even possible??? Time these days. When I was a kid it felt like time stood still when I wanted it to speed up and now I want it to stand still when it is speeding by..... anyway
So Halloween has come and gone and soon it will be Thanksgiving so here is a recap of our Halloween... We did not do a custom this year. (I don't even want to hear it)
We spent the day just hanging around the house. Eviee's little friend Lilah was here and my sister and dad came to visit us.
Eviee was being really silly showing everyone that not only is she walking now but she can also walk in circles LOL
Still a little off balance but shes doing GREAT!
            Seriously it doesn't get any cuter then that!!!!!!!
                              I love her pumpkin shirt!
She was pretty proud of herself for finding the trick or treat candy can't ya tell???
And this is what she did the rest of the night! Watching out for more trick or treaters!!!!
Winking at mommy ;)
Eviee really loves kids, of all ages and she got REALLY upset every time the trick or treaters left. She didn't understand why she didn't get to go with them. But over all I think she really had a good Halloween. I know Sean and I enjoy watching her get all excited every time kids would come up. She is so fun at this age! A few years down the road we may be trick or treating at your door ;)

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