Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day to Vote

Well today was the "BIG" day. Yep voting day. And HELL NO I didn't vote. I have never voted and most likely will never vote. I really just could care less. Is that bad??? I mean I guess I should care about who is going to be running our country but honestly I just don't. And you will not hear me bitching about who won tonight or what he's going to do over the next four years.
(p.s. if you did not vote then you have NO FREAKING right to complain) (DAD)

People its time to get back to your normal life and stop blowing up my FB with your stupid political stats!

Have a happy night!!!

1 comment:

  1. Voting for me is less about politics and more about the actual experience. I'm proud to vote but I can't get into all the rifraf of the election. I did know who/what I was voting for but it doesn't upset me if I don't 'win' :)