Friday, December 28, 2012


 So back in November Sean got a speeding ticket on his way home from work one night. He comes in all pissed off and all I could say was "I told you so". The main street out by our old house is 30mph but Sean he thinks 30 means 45or more depending on his mood. Anyways I always tell him to slow down and that one day he would get a ticket and what do you know that day came. Well anyways fast forward to the 26th of December at 8:00 pm I'm sitting at the island when all of a sudden I remember I didn't pay Sean's ticket!!! Holy freaking mother of monkeys!!!! (yep that's what I said) I don't know why we didn't pay it when  he got it but we didn't and the 26th was the last day. What makes it worst was I called the judge here in Greenwood because the damn ticket was so high and it was Sean's first ticket (at least since we've been together) and planned on telling him that his cop could have at least gave him a warning but when the judge got on and asked me if my husband was guilty. I laughed and then answered yes!!! (Sean would not be to happy about that) The judge asked me what was so funny and I just told him "sir I tell my husband he's gonna get a ticket everyday" "as much as I don't want to pay this he did do it and honestly it's probably a good thing, now maybe he'll slow down". The judge kinda laughed and gave me a discount! HA!!!!! NO LIE! So here we are I got a discount on Sean's ticket because I'm just pretty awesome like that and then I don't pay it. Can't blame that on Sean. He works so much and I told him I would take care of it. BAD BAD WIFE!!!! So anyways I did pay it but wasn't told if he had a warrant out for his arrest and I have been kinda freaking out over it so I talked to a cop friend who told me to call up there and ask. I WAS SCARED TO DEATH! But thank the lord they said no. And assured me that if there was going to be one there would have been that next morning! So there you have it I almost got my husband arrested, How about that!!!!

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