Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I feel like I have been gone from the blogging world for some time. I haven't read a single blog or wrote one in I don't know when. Life has been crazy to say the least. Eviee is all better and hopefully stays that way. I on the other hand am having surgery on Friday to remove my gall bladder. Let me just tell you that is some of the worst  pain you will ever feel in your life.

 Sean's ex wife is being a bitch and taking us back to court because she thinks shes going to get $244 a week in child support! Can you believe that??? INSANE! Which is exactly what she is!!! Maybe she should get her ass up and get a job, lord knows her ass could use some moving around!

 These dogs are driving me insane but I think they are SLOWLY becoming part of the family. Eviee is in love with both but the little chi weenie is her baby. His name is Wee Man but she calls him Wee Wee!!!! SO CUTE!!!

Speeching of Eviee she is 18 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is that even possible???? Well that little 18 month old is so cute and funny. She keeps me laughing all day long! I will hopefully do a 18 month post soon.

I am trying to decide on how to decorate the new house. The walls here are so tall, something I have never had and I just have no idea what to do with them but something must be done ASAP!!!! And I know I need to do a picture post of the house but man I still haven't bought a new camera and honestly I just don't have time to walk around my house taking pictures for those very few people who might want to see LOL. I think maybe I will just wait until I can post before and after pictures that's always better.

 My lap band is semi working with me these days. I haven't had much trouble from it lately. I am now down 65lbs. Which is great but how did I let myself get that way? Sean always says he's sorry for making me so happy but honestly happy or not (which I am) I should have never let myself go like that. Its just awful. Sean and I were looking through some old pictures the other day and I looked like I was skin and bone! Yes me! It was when we first got together and I was so skinning but I remember even then thinking I was so overweight and now I would give anything to look like that. I still have 47 lbs to go before I look like that again and hopefully I wont be so blind and realize that I look good . Ugh it just makes me sick. Is anybody ever really happy with what they look like? All I know is that WHEN I get nice and skinning I am going to be flaunting my nice body around and if you don't like it then don't be looking that's all I have to say!!!!

LOL Anyways I just wanted to do a quick update. Hopefully in a week or two I can get back in the swing of things. I am planning on a whole new schedule for mine and Eviee's day OK well not so much Eviee but me. I'll tell y'all about it if I actually go through with it! LOL Hope everybody has a great day and I'm not usually one to ask for it but prays would be nice for Friday. My panic attacks have started. I hate surgery and hate being away from Eviee even more. I know she will be in great hands. Sean's momma is coming to watch and has watched her what seems like alot lately with all this crap and I wouldn't have anybody else. She is great with Eviee and Eviee loves her Nana. So anyways prays for a safe surgery would be wonderful. I have faith in my Doctor but not so much the hospital these days.  Alright I am done rambling on. Until next time...

Monday, January 7, 2013


Life feels like it is spinning WAY. TOO. FAST!!!

Eviee and I have been sick a lot lately. We can't seem to shake all this junk.
We got TWO PUPPIES IN ONE DAY!!!! (post coming)
The house is driving me nuts! I'm ready to get it feeling like "home". I need to go shopping.
Speeching of shopping I haven't yet been because one we've been sick and two we are going to change this year. We are going to SAVE. SAVE. SAVE.
I am budgeting everything!!!!
My car needs a oil change NOW!
My hair looks like crap, but I just haven't had the time. But I can say this, it's getting done soon and it's all gonna be one color again. NO MORE HIGHLIGHTS at least for now :)
Had some fluid taken out of my band because I wasn't able to eat or drink for over 48 hours and wouldn't it be my luck I finally get on the scale and Ive gained two pounds! DAMN IT!
I want the weather to warm up. I need to be putting my four miles in but it's so dang cold!!!
Sean just a birthday! My man is now 38! Two more years till he's 40 WOW!!! And I love him. Gray hair and all! (hair as in his beard LOL).
New Years Goal??? Yep post to come.
I need a new camera like SO FREAKING BAD.
Eviee is just days away from being 18 months!!!!!!
Speeching of 18 months we have a few new things in store for Eviee. The pacy, all of them will be going in the trash ALL. AT. ONCE. Also we are going to start potty training! Don't worry Ive trained at least 60 kids so I'm pretty sure I can train my girl (she's extra smart) And I am going to be doing "school time" with her a few times a week!
I guess that's about it!!!